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Golfing for 11 holes with a butterfly on my head😎

I went golfing today, and this gorgeous butterfly landed on my head and stayed there for two hours while I played 11 holes!!! I feel honored, but I thought

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He is risen

I need to share this story. Today is April 16th 2017, Easter Sunday. After lunch with my family we were taking pictures outside and my sister felt what

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Brown And Orange Butterfly Danced on My Arm

I had finished clearing all the old weeds out of the garden and talking to my neighbors when a brown and orange butterfly landed on my right forearm. Of

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Badlands National Park

Exploring Badlands National Park in South Dakota

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Learning To Take Zoo Pictures In Today's World

A zoo visit today offers many different opportunities for taking zoo pictures. Learn how you can get the most from your zoo visit.

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One day while I was pondering my life

One day I stepped outside to have a cigarette (yes, bad I know) at work. I was in my own little world and noticed something flying near my head, at first

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Pub Garden Butterfly Celebrates My Birthday

On July 23, 2017 my husband and I and our family went to a local pub to celebrate my birthday. Our party included our children and grandchildren as well

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Butterflies won't leave me alone !

For the past week every time I step one foot out of my house I get a butterfly fluttering in my face out of no where. It's driving me nuts. I don't

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My Friendly Pretty Butterfly

Last Sunday morning, I went to see my neighbor to ask if they have news about cancellation of school classes on Monday. I am a teacher and I have been

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I was sitting on the porch with my 2 and 4 year old babies. A butterfly landed on the porch by the bike tire. We watch for a minute or two, when all

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