Solo Build It! Case Studies

3 Butterflies

by Joyce Adkins
(Warrington, PA)

3 butterflies

3 butterflies

About a week after my dog was struck by a car. I took him to the vet but he was unable to save him. The day after bringing home his remains, a butterfly landed on my sleeve while I was sitting outside at the patio table. This was a favorite spot for my dog, Koko.

I then placed my finger near it and it climbed on and sat on my finger for about 5 minutes before flying away.

Two weeks before that I had 2 butterflies sit on my finger for 5 minutes before flying away. This was two days apart and after I had framed a photo of my paternal grandparents.

I believe my grandparents were happy and sent the butterflies to express that.

I believe my Koko sent the other butterfly to let me know he is okay.

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