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9 Gift Giving Ideas Adding Joy to Every Moment

by Sophiya Aden

Are you confused about giving something to your granddaughter, grandson, grandparents, nephew, niece, daughter or son, lover, wife or husband? Do you want to surprise them by giving gifts but you’re clueless as to what to give them?

The gift should be according to their personality, interests, and also their age.

Here are some fantastic ideas for giving gifts to your loved ones. Always search for best online stores who are offering discounts on gifts and other stuff like free gifts and flowers coupons which can be helpful in staying within your budget.

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  1. Recognize the age group of the gifts recipient
    It will help you to recognize which gift will be best suited to that person. In accumulation, the hobbies and gender should also be taken into consideration.

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  2. Consider age-related possibilities for giving gifts

    • Ages 1-3: Babies the most fabulous creation of God. You can gift them with baby-toddler clothes, toys, cloth books, grooming accessories, outdoor toys that help them learn as they grow.

    • Ages 3-6: Gift them with toddler clothes, socks, shoes, educational toys such as alphabetical or letter toys, jigsaw puzzles, sandpit toys, play tents, stuffed toys, tricycles, story books, early reader books, beach toys, DVDs of games and their favorite shows

    • Ages 6-8: Kids are growing so they would love clothes, shoes, books, DVDs of their favorite shows, Lego and other blocks, dolls, doll house, doll furniture, hoop, jump rope

    • Ages 8-10: Clothes, clothing vouchers are nice so they can pick their favorites, shoes, computer/video games, game tickets, puzzles, science experiment kits, kid’s magazine subscriptions, books related to their choice, scooter, sports gear, gardening accessories

    • Ages 10-12: Moving towards teen age so they would love clothes, shoes, jewelry, small amount of currency, hair accessories, gift vouchers, music, music related accessories, puzzles, science experiment kits, rollerblades, books, video games, bikes, sports gear

    • Ages 13-15: Teen age wow! Clothes, jewelry, shoes, money, gift cards, room decoration appliances, music DVDs and accessories, tickets to concerts/games, books, movie vouchers etc

    • Ages 16-19: Sweet Sixteen Oh My God best age to enjoy…. Gifts which can be useful
      to them in the best way like cash, cards, make-up kit, handbags, shoes-sandals, music related stuff, car accessories, clothes according to their choice so best is to give them clothing vouchers, tickets to their favorite destination

    • Ages 20+: what can be best for 20’s or above money, cards, music related stuff, beauty products, spa vouchers, weekend special, flight tickets, dinner vouchers, massage voucher, jewelry, car accessories, craft supplies, etc

  3. Include a balloon and flowers. Balloons and flowers are a great gift for any age group. Whenever you are invited for a party then cake is the best endowment you can carry with you especially when a person does not have anyone to bake or buy for them. This mostly works for older people but can also be best for kids whose parents are very busy with their schedules.

  4. Gift a card - When you write a card for anybody, the message you write for should be very personal. Cards can show love, concern and comfort to people of every age.

  5. Custom Wrapped Canvas

  6. It is always nice to plan a surprise gift for someone and. You can even ask them what they want, so that you can be sure and give a gift that will be appreciated. Also talk with your other friends who are invited for the party so your gifts won’t be the same.

  7. Keep it simple; the simpler the better.

  8. Gift wrapping should be very simple. There is a saying “The simpler the better”.

  9. Avoid buying costly gifts. This will set up an unhealthy expectation in future. It also affects the pleasure of receiving as an act of sharing love, affection and care of your loved ones.

  10. When planning your family gift giving it is a good idea to set money aside. When you include gift giving in your budget, you always have enough for your gift giving pleasures.

Author Bio:-
Sophiya Aden is a contributor and writer for She writes about saving money through online coupons which can help you to find the ways to save your money on gifts and flowers while ordering it.

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