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Nature Tales issue #05-- Close-Up How to Tips
September 28, 2006

Tips and Tricks For Taking The Best Nature and Flower Pictures You Have Ever Taken.

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Welcome to Nature Tales, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature photographs. We will be sharing some of our secrets and strategies for better pictures and some don'ts for those not so good shots.

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October, 2006 Issue #03

Table of Contents:
  • Wisdom Flash Inspirations For Success (Live Your Passion)
  • Feature Tip - Tips For Close-Ups!
  • What's New at Nature and Flower Pictures
  • Search It Tool For Your Desktop

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. --Albert Einstein

Wisdom Flash - Sylvia Browne, Tools for Life

Sylvia Browne has written the words to this Wisdom Flash edition. The music and pictures behind these words combine to create a very healing and enjoyable experience. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. To see this Wisdom Flash Click Here.

Tips for Taking Close-Up's of Nature and Flowers

When I walk in the park I walk with a sort of soft, meditative focus. The very first thing I do is put out the intent that I am looking for at the moment. If I don't have a subject in mind then I simply set the intent to find beautiful nature and flowers to capture.

This general intent is what I used the days I took most of the pictures you see here. As you can see most of these pictures were taken as close-ups.

When you take a picture up close with your digital camera the setting to use is "Macro".

When I first starting playing with the "macro" setting of my camera, all of the pictures were blurry. I nearly gave up on the whole process. I learned a few things along the way though.

Here are some hints I use to get the best pictures when using "macro":

  • Steady that camera - if you do not have a tri-pod (which I seldom have with me) try balancing the camera on some part of your body. I have heard the suggestion of the face. But I found using anything to steady the camera will do. I have used my knee, arm, a rock, or even just the intent of focus works.
  • Use LCD Display - When I first got my camera I would use the view finder to take all of my pictures. Then as I learned more about the camera I discovered that my pictures come out better if I use the display setting. That is why placing the camera on my face to steady it does not always work.
  • Turn off the flash - When taking pictures with a point and shoot camera like the Canon PowerShot (the one I use), I discovered the flash distorts my colors. The best pictures are produced with a low, natural light. Of course using the flash can produce effects you may want. But that is for another article.
  • Step Back - I recently discovered that when the flowers are really tiny, the "macro" setting works from a further distance. So step a little back and zoom in to get the best focus on that tiny flower. As we nature lovers know, some wild flowers are amazingly beautiful when you bring them up close.
  • Play with the brightness - One last tip. Use your photo editor to enhance the photo to look the way you envisioned it in the park. Sometimes even a little better. I find that if I lower the brightness, then raise the contrast, I get some very impressive results.

Best of luck to you in your close-up nature and flower picture taking. Please share your tips and experiences with us by following the contact us form.

What's New at Nature and Flower Pictures

I am in the middle of re-designing the site so you will see a lot of changes coming your way. Tell me what you think of the new design. Is it easier to read? Are you able to find the pictures you are looking for?

  • Spring Flower Pictures Take a walk in the springtime with me. Spring is one of my favorite times of year. And yes this is late for spring (or early:) but I just couldn't resist. I will be ahead of the game come spring, right?
  • Flower Garden Pictures Fall is the time of year to be thinking about those spring and summer flower gardens. See these pictures to get the ideas flowing for your flower garden.
  • How I Built This Site Have you thought about building a web-site of your own. Check out this page to see how I did it, and you can too.
  • Digital Store Are you in the market for a new digital camera? I have partnered with Amazon to create Nature and Flower Pictures Digital Store. I have done the research and these are some of the best prices I found.

I wanted to get this ezine out to you this week so the new pages are waiting for a home. They will eventually reside in the Flower Pictures Section. Hopefully in a couple of weeks that section will be complete and ready for me to share in the next issue.

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