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Nature Tales issue #01-- Setting the stage for nature pictures
December 19, 2005

Tips and Tricks For Taking Nature and Flower Pictures You Have Ever Taken.

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Welcome to Nature Tales, the newsletter with the insiders tips for getting the most from your nature photographs. We will be sharing some of our secrets and strategies for better pictures and some don'ts for those not so good shots.

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December 19, 2005 Issue #01

Table of Contents:

- Feature Article - Setting The Stage for Better Nature Photographs
- Wisdom Flash Inspirations For Success
- What's New at Nature and Flower Pictures
- Book Review - Make Your Site Sell 2002
- A word from our Sponsors
- Tell Us Your Stories

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You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. --Mark Twain

Feature Article - Setting The Stage for Nature Photographs

By Sally Stoneking

Slowly I walked up to this small flock of geese. Their colorful
feathers glistened in the afternoon sunlight. I was being very careful not to disturb these beautiful creatures of nature.

The four of them walked in unison closer to the wall. They were preparing to take flight if things became too much of a threat from this silver faced bird. I often wonder what I look like to the birds and wildlife I am taking pictures of. They always seem to sit up and take notice, as if to pose just for this photograph opportunity.

I got several pictures and turned to leave them to their daily routine. Then as I turned I thought of something I had told a friend not long ago. “I am just going to have to go up to a flock of geese and make them fly off. Then I will get a close enough picture of geese in flight.” I am always trying to capture these birds as they fly overhead. But they fly so high and so fast, I am rarely happy with the results.

So here I was with the perfect opportunity. If I held my camera just right, and approached them gently I was hoping they would glide into the river in front of us. I returned to my quiet approach. After all I didn’t want to scare the feathers off of them. I walked with my camera in front of me slowly, and just as I had hoped, off they went. One at a time they flew off the wall and into the river. A fellow walker even stopped so I could get the best photograph possible. It was an exhilarating experience.

When I checked the pictures later I had two excellent shots of the Canadian geese wings as they folded to catch the wind. You can almost count the feathers as they carry those large bodies into the water.

Sometimes in nature, you have to set the stage for the photographs you want to take.

Even though I got a good shot, I must say that it could be better. I do admire the work of photographers as they sit for hours sometimes behind a blind (hidden from site) just waiting for the right shot to come along. You have to love nature to want to do that.

But sometimes little tricks like a bird feeder on your patio or in your back yard can attract wildlife closer for your own nature pictures. I certainly prefer sitting in my kitchen waiting for the birds to come to me. Okay so I am a little lazy, but I do love taking pictures of nature and flowers.

I remember the picture I lost of an owl swooping down to capture a newborn duckling one spring. And another that flew off from his perch when he decided I had taken enough pictures of him. It certainly does not pay to get too excited when you are taking pictures of birds in flight.
Be sure and visit Bird Pictures to see some of the bird and wildlife pictures we have been able to capture. You will find lots of free nature and flower pictures,free desktop wallpaper, and clipart throughout the site.

Wisdom Flash - for December 2005

There are times when I come across a place that really inspires me. Wisdom Flash is one of those places. Wisdom Flash is a short inspirational video made to comfort, enlighten and empower. Once you click on the link you can even sign up to receive your own choises to your email.

Each month I will feature a new Author for your pleasure. This month I hope you enjoy...

Wisdom Flash by Chris Howard: Turning Passions into Abundance
Click Here to view this inspirational uplifting video.

Christopher Howard is an internationally recognized expert in the psychology of wealth and NLP. Christopher has dedicated his life to studying the greatest leaders of all time and empowering others with his in-depth research. 

What's New at Nature and Flower Pictures

Check out these latest additions to the site:

Georgia O'Keeffe Pictures  Read about this woman famous for her gigantic
flower paintings. 

Fall Clipart  Here you will find clipart of gourds, autumn leaves, an autumn tree, and
even flower clipart free to enjoy.

Pictures of Squirrels  Come watch them climb, play and even feed right out of your
hand. Learn where squirrels live and what there habits are.

Rosebud Pictures  We have added to our Pictures of Roses section. See some
beautiful rosebud pictures for sharing with friends.

See you next month with some more new content in Nature and Flower Pictures.

Book Review - Make Your Site Sell 2002

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