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Nature Tales issue #36 -- E-Commerce What?
February 27, 2009

Tips and Tricks For Taking The Best Nature and Flower Pictures You Have Ever Taken


Welcome to Nature Tales, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature photographs. I will be sharing some of my secrets and strategies for better pictures and some don'ts for those not so good shots. And on occasion you will see articles by readers and other special guests.

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February 27, 2009 Issue #36

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Table of Contents:
  • Feature Article - E-Commerce What?

  • New Posts - New At Photo Blog

  • Weekly Tele-Seminar - Monday's March 3rd Sandie Sedgebeer

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I would rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it...Will Rogers

Is E-Commerce Finally Getting Your Attention?

Or do you have that deer in the headlight, "E-Commerce what?" expression on your face? It's really easy to decipher when you break the word down. For instance, the E part stands for electronic. So any time you see e- before just about anything it is referring to the electronic or digital version of that item. That means it is a product that can be sold and often delivered online. Add to that the term commerce and you basically have an electronic storefront.

But commerce is more than just a store. The dictionary definition of commerce is - the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale. And e-commerce is - commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet. So with that in mind, e-commerce is not limited to electronic products like:

  • E-books - books delivered in digital format usually known as pdf files. PDF stands for portable document format.
  • Digital images that can be downloaded to your computer hard drive
  • E-zines - an electronic magazine often delivered as a monthly subscription for a fee.
  • Membership Sites - These are often online coaching sites
  • Teleconferences - These are also known as teleclasses and can be formatted to be delivered live with audience participattion as well as recorded and sold as products.
  • Webinars - A webinar is usually a tutorial delivered in the form of a slideshow presentation. Here again they can be live with audience participation as well as recorded for listening to at a later date.
  • Video - Many people even deliver classes and tutorials by video.

Many of these same products can be found free.

Make Your Knowledge Sell

Make Your Knowledge SellDo you have an e-book or tutorial in mind that you would like to offer as a product? Are you wondering where to start? Here is a free book you can download today.

Make Your Knowledge Sell is more than just a book about writing. It is a complete package that will take you by the hand and walk you through every aspect of that creation.

You will learn how to research your topic, test the market and get buyers. Take the guesswork out of creating your first product.

Formerly sold for $49.95, MYKS! is now totally free. Why? The skill set you acquire is too basic, do-able and important not to give it away.

E-commerce Doesn't Stop There...Read More

Weekly TeleSeminars

Last week I announced that Sandie would be Monday's speaker. She had to re-schedule and will be the speaker this Monday, for those of you following the weekly TeleSeminars, coming up on Monday is Sandie Sedgbeer, founder of Children of The New Earth

Her mission is to provide multi-platform media opportunities to assist people in their spiritual growth and introduce parents and families to the truth of who their children are and how to empower them to achieve their full potential as spiritual beings enjoying a human experience in a world that is on the verge of major transition.

If you haven't registered for these interviews yet, why not come on this adventure with me? It's not too late to register at

What's New on Photo Blog

I'm not sure if you are following my blog or not but here are a few bits of wisdom I've written since the last updates. I guess transcribing these weekly tele-seminars really inspires me. Please note, the links in this section open in a new window. If they appear not to work try holding down your control key (command for MAC) when you click.

  • Are you Throwing Out The Good With The Bad? Sometimes we get so busy in our lives we forget about the gems we have right under our fingertips. You are the artist of your life and every gift you give from your heart is like the clay balls in this little story.
  • Northern Blue Butterfly Picture How often do you play around with the zoom on your point and shoot camera? Have you ever tried to zoom in on a tiny butterfly? One day while walking along a nearby lake I happened to spot this tiny white butterfly out of the corner of my eye. Quickly I aimed my camera and got this first shot.
  • Play a Happy Song And Come Dance Along Have you ever felt like a song came on the radio just for you? Or maybe even was written just to bring a smile to your face? Let me tell you the story about a little one minute tune that did just that for me.
  • How to Energize Get Back to Maximum I have heard that we are at maximum effeciency is only two and a half hours long. That means that pushing yourself beyond that point can be counter-productive. Now I don't know about you but stopping after 21/2 hours at the computer is almost unheard of.
  • Follow Your Dreams or Dream Your Future? Recently I was transcribing an audio interview with Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master and she was asked what told her that this was the purpose of her life. Her response reminded me of a dream that I had as a teenager myself. She said that at the age of fifteen she had three major accidents.
  • What Does Heart Have to do With It? Are we ready for a dimensional shift? What are dimensions? And how are dimensional shifts made?

    It seems everywhere you turn these days there is a new theory or take on the need for change. The subject has become so popular that it was even a major contributing factor to this years presidential election. And every month there seems to be a new book on the subject of 2012, consciousness shifts and new perceptions.

  • Are We Having Fun Yet? How many times have you heard the question, "Are we there yet?" If you are a parent or have ever taken children on a car ride, I bet it is more than once. So then we grow a little older and the question becomes, "Are we having fun yet?"

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