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Nature Tales issue #14-- Taking Flower Photos
June 20, 2008

Tips and Tricks For Taking The Best Nature and Flower Pictures You Have Ever Taken


Welcome to Nature Tales, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature photographs. We will be sharing some of our secrets and strategies for better pictures and some don'ts for those not so good shots.

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June 20, 2008 Issue #14

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Table of Contents:
  • New Series - How to Great Flower Photos

  • Wisdom Flash - Creative Visualization

  • Nature and Flower Pictures - What's New

  • Latest Download - Make Your Words Sell

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A diamond is a chunk of coal that made good under pressure. -- Anonymous

How to Take Beautiful Flower Photos

A Five Part Series on Taking Flower Photos

I recently received an article from Amy Renfrey, author of the excellent ebook "Digital Photography Success" (opens in new window). She writes in her article, How to Take Photos of Spring Flowers, four important steps for taking flower pictures.

Have you ever read a how to article and walked away with a headache? When it comes to learning a new camera, it can sometimes feel like too much. The easies way to learn any new skill is in steps.

And that's how this series was born. Over the next four weeks you will be receiving bite-size tips for taking better photographs of flowers.

Shall We Begin?

Flowers are attractive to almost everyone, including many other species. They are also perfect candidates for photographs as they tend to stand still, and never tire of having their photos taken. But though they are seemingly an easy subject, flowers will require some technical examination as well as some forethought before photographing.

In this series you will learn:

  1. Consider The Lighting - What is the best light for taking flower photos? And what happens when you don't have the right light?
  2. Consider The Background - Don't let the background swallow up those beautiful flowers.
  3. Consider The Focal Point - What are you really taking a picture of?
  4. Get The Right Angle - Have you ever taken a picture of a flower from the under side?

See you next Friday for number one in the series. Considering the best light for your flower photos.

If you would prefer reading the entire article now, you can find it here.

Wisdom Flash - Healing With Angels

Who are the angels? Doreen Virtue, author of Healing With Angels, says the are "thoughts of love from God".

I hope this little video brings you as much joy and inspiration as it did me. Feel yourself souring higher through lovely music and beautiful pictures of nature.

Click Here to enjoy Healing With Angels (opens in new window)

What's New at Nature and Flower Pictures

  • Free Tree Pictures A reader sent me a request for more tree pictures. If you like trees you will love this new page
  • How to Grow African Violets from a single leaf. Enjoy beautiful African Violet flowers year round. Easy tips and pictures for creating happy plants.

New Download - Make Your Words Sell

Ken and SBI have done it again!

If you sell anything online or are even thinking about starting an online business, you must add this to your set of tools.

Make Your Words Sell

Do you have a web site? Do you have a product that you sell? Would you like to improve those sales or conversions in the case of affiliattions?

This is one book you will be glad you added to your tool box. This isn't just another free download. This is one you will return to over and over.

Formerly sold for $29.95, MYWS! is now totally free. Why? Like writing to PREsell, the skill set you acquire is too basic, do-able and important not to give it away.

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