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Nature Tales issue #23 -- Nature Landscapes - Take A Different Perspective
August 29, 2008

Tips and Tricks For Taking The Best Nature and Flower Pictures You Have Ever Taken


Welcome to Nature Tales, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature photographs. We will be sharing some of our secrets and strategies for better pictures and some don'ts for those not so good shots.

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August 29, 2008 Issue #23

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Table of Contents:
  • Happy Holiday!

  • Photo Tip - Take a Different Perspective

  • Wisdom Flash - Live Your Passion

  • Back to Work Special - Create a Business Online

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Laughter has no foreign accent. -- Paul B Lowney

Happy Holidays - Celebrating A Day Off!

Most of us in the US know Labor Day as the end of summer. Like many holidays, the original reason for it's recognition was lost. But the name Labor Day pretty much tells it all.

This is the holiday workers get an official day of rest. Thank goodness we do take a few more than this throughout the year:). Can you imagine only taking one day a year off from your work?

The mere thought of it make you cringe. As with all improvements and adjustments, we now celebrate this day as the official close of a season. There will be cause for family gathrerings in the backyard or local pool. This is the last official weekend for cookout. In our family it was the only weekend we cooked out. Other families barbecue year round. But there is something special about this closing.

From my heart to yours, I hope your holiday weekend is a great one! And don't forget those cameras. Here is this weeks tip for taking better photos.

Nature Landscapes - Taking A Different Perspective

How to Take Beautiful Landscape Photos Using a Standard Point and Shoot Camera


Last time we covered unique features in nature landscapes. Now let's move on to perspective. What does it mean to take a different perspective?

This just happens to be a favorite part of my photography experience.

Amy says, "Lie down in the grass, climb on the roof of the car, and change the vantage point to an unexpected or unanticipated focus. The landscape may be unchangeable, but the way an artist views it is entirely up to the imagination and creativity with which their world is perceived."

Change Direction to Get a New Perspective


I discovered a way of changing how I see things totally by accident one day. Have you ever noticed how we humans like routine? Even walks in nature and parks can take on a pattern.

One day we decided to do something radically different:) We changed direction and went up the hill instead of down.

Imagine my surprise when I saw before me an overlook built by the lake. This little overhang was hidden from view when approached from the other direction. The best part was a whole new set of nature landscape pictures presented themselves to me.

So when you are out there looking for the perfect photograph, be sure and change direction. You might just get a whole new perspective.

Further along this particular River Walk is another covered bridge. These three pictures are an example of ways to take a different perspective. Each tells a different story but it is the same bridge.

Clicking on these thumbnails will open a larger picture in a new window. You can then download them to your own computer if you like.

See you next time when we explore taking photos at Dusk and Dawn.

If you would prefer reading the entire article now, you can find it here.

These tips are brought to you in partnership with Amy Renfrey. Amy is the author of Powerful Landscape Photography. It is a book that is one of my top picks for learning photography.

Wisdom Flash -Wayne Dyer: Live Your Passion

What is your passion? From a very early age I have had a passion for exploring. Now this word may bring to mind for you hiking up Mt. Everest, but for me exploring can be as close as your own back yard.

And so I enjoy the adventures that present themselves to me. This was how I came upon the work of Wayne Dyer. His book "Your Erroneous Zones" caught my eye at a time when I needed it most. I was an instant fan.

Be the explorer you know you want to be. Live your passion. Let this little video put you in the mood.

Wayne Dyer: Live Your Passion Click Here (opens in new window)

Back to Work Special

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Are you looking for a way that you can turn your passion into a successful business? Is your passion art, or photography, gardening, even reading? No matter what you love to do, like Wayne Dyer says, you can make a living at it.

I use SBI to build my business online and you can too. I think the thing I like most about SBI is you are never alone. It is one thing to want to work for yourself, but it is no fun when you have to do it by yourself.

SBI not only gives you the tools to start from scratch but they will walk you through every step of the way. If there were anything to complain about, it would be that there is too much information. But even that is taken care of as you are gently guided through the process from day one to success!

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