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Nature Tales issue #26 -- Take Your Camera! - Part One
October 10, 2008

Tips and Tricks For Taking The Best Nature and Flower Pictures You Have Ever Taken


Welcome to Nature Tales, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature photographs. We will be sharing some of our secrets and strategies for better pictures and some don'ts for those not so good shots.

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October 10, 2008 Issue #26

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Table of Contents:
  • Photo Tip - Ten Reasons to Take Your Camera Everywhere

  • Wisdom Flash - 10 Secrets to Success

  • Nature and Flower Pictures - What's New

  • Latest Download - Happy Puppy

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The wise don't expect to find life worth living; they make it that way. ...Anonymous

Ten Reasons to Take Your Camera Everywhere - Part 1

I started writing this weeks article and realized it was going to be longer than usual for this e-zine. So for ease of reading I decided to break it up into two parts. Here are the first Five Reasons of:

Top Ten Reasons For Taking Your Camera Everywhere

You have probably read articles before telling the benefits of always carrying your camera with you. This is especially true if you are a photographer by trade. But you may be thinking, "I am a photo enthusiast. So this doesn't apply to me." Well I am about to tell you a few stories that made this Photo Enthusiast a believer. Here are my top ten reasons for taking your camera everywhere.

  1. The Crane That Got Away - We were walking in a nearby neighborhood and I didn't have my camera because the batteries were recharging. My puppy decided to explore the field as puppies do when out of the high grass flew a beautiful great blue heron just ten feet in front of me. He was so close I could almost feel the breeze from his enormous wings.
  2. Egret Posing on a Fence - It was early morning and we were out for a relaxing walk in nature. The neighborhood was quiet and since I had forgotten my camera I decided to simply enjoy the energies that nature offers. I wondered to myself just what treasures would I found without looking through the lens of a Canon. When what do I see but the most gorgeous white egret sitting on a small fence just across the street. He appeared to be posing just for me. But alas the only means I had of capturing him was in my memory.
  3. Raccoons Returning Home - We were at the Herrick Forest Preserve earlier than usual this day. There is a small bridge that connects two lakes. The retaining wall around the sides of the lake is made of flat stones piled in a staggering fashion. On this particular morning as we approached the bridge I spotted right there in front of me two cute raccoons climbing down the wall to retreat into the face. One of them turned and looked at me as if to answer my question of the day, "What will I miss if I leave my camera home today?" I just looked to the heavens and smiled thinking, "Okay, okay. I get the picture." or not in this case.
  4. Great Blue Heron Fishing in Lake - When I left the house that morning I was really just too lazy to carry the camera with me. After all it is that time of year when most flowers are in transition. The leaves haven't quite started turning. So the forest feels kind of plain and drab this time of year. The only thing that would make the camera worth carrying would be an award winning bird picture. Usually the crane pictures I am able to get are from such a distance that I have to really work on the image to make it worthy of sharing. Here was a great blue heron fishing on my side of the lake. The perfect bird picture only no camera to take it with.
  5. Clear Reflections on the Lake - On our daily evening walk I must admit there are times when I walk out without my trusty friend. And this particular evening was one of them. Little did I know that as we came to the neighborhood lake the climate would be perfect. It is rare that you have an evening when the sun reflects the houses on a still lake. The houses and trees around the lake were reflected as if in a mirror. You could even see the top half of the blue house from across the street. I had to admit this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, missed!

See you next time when we explore part 2 of Top Ten Reasons to Always Take Your Camera Everywhere.

Wisdom Flash - Wayne Dyer, 10 Secrets to Success

You might say I cut my teeth on the wisdom of Wayne Dyer:) Like many of us I had my challenges in my younger days. You know the ones, teen rebellion, lack of self confidence...

I found a book called "Pull Your Own Strings" by Wayne Dyer and I have been a fan ever since. He was the first of many authors to inspire me on to my own success.

Why not take a minute and relax to Wayne Dyer's

Wisdom Flash: Ten Secrets to Success Click Here. (opens in new window)

What's New?

Nature And Flower Pictures has been taking on a whole new look. So if you haven't visited these pages in a while it's worth your time to stop in again. I will soon have all of the main pages re-vamped to an easy to navigate and more open format.

  • Pictures of Lilies is probably the most popular section on the site. And now it's even easier to get around and find your favorite lily.

  • Pictures of Roses is still growing but now I've added a few more rose pictures and posters for you to enjoy.

  • Nature Pictures joins the new look with a couple more pages added in.

  • Pictures of Birds gets a revamp too. Be sure and check out the crane's if you haven't been here in a while. And look for bird pictures to be added in the near future.

Happy Puppy Wallpaper

I decided it is time to share a little surprise with you. I have high resolution wallpaper images that I sell on the site. One of my favorites is a photo I captured of my puppy Oscar at the park. He is such a happy puppy I wanted to share a little of his joy with you.

Just click on the thumbnail and you will be taken to a larger image. At this point right click and choose "save image as" or "download image". Your computer may give you other options. Please let me know if you have any problems saving your picture.

If you enjoy this wallpaper you might consider looking at some of the others I have available for instant download at Desktop Wallpaper

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