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Tips and Ops Issue #11 - Low Light Photo Tip
May 24, 2012

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May 2012 Issue #11

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Table of Contents:
  • Photo Tip - Low Light Photography

  • Free Photo Gallery Updates -
    1. State Parks Section
    2. Matheson State Park Album
    3. Coopers Rock WV Album

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Photo Tip - Low Light Photography ISO is Your Best Friend

In this issue I talk about fun family vacations at some of my favorite State Parks. Many of these parks are built around old forests and caves. These parks present great fun and mystery but they also present a challenge for photo enthusiasts like me.

One challenge I found occurring quite often is that of low light. It's hard for sunshine to filter hundreds of feet lush trees to the creek bed that lies at your toes. When it does, if you don't have the right settings on your camera, your shots tend to come out dark and unclear.

There was a time when I cringed when someone started talking about ISO. But now I know...

ISO Is Your Best Friend

Setting your ISO or amount of light your camera lens lets in, to the highest number your camera will allow is your first step.

Every camera is different. My Cannon Powershot actually has an ISO button that you can adjust in mid focus.

No matter what camera you have, manual mode is best. You will have the most options available in manual mode.

If your camera only uses automatic, your options are limited. Mine only allows Hi or Lo when I have the camera set to automatic. For low light you want the Hi setting.

Automatic will often give you good clear shots for just about everything. But if you are in a dark cave or deep in the forest it will almost always let you down.

You will be forced to use your flash. But there will be some cases where even the flash will not give you the results you are looking for.

Why not just take a sec and set your camera on manual. Look at your LCD screen and move the ISO option up or down. You will be able to see the image before you get lighter or darker.

Go on and enjoy some low light photograph opportunities. And when you're finished maybe come back and share them with us. You can share up to 4 images per submission by clicking here.

Be sure and tell us how you got your results. If you know, you might even share the settings. But whether you know how you got them or not, we would love to see your photos and hear your stories.

Free Photo Gallery - Fun Family Vacations And Photo Ops

With the onset of summer everyone is thinking about that family vacation. Some of my fondest memories of family vacations are about visiting some of our local parks.

You will build in your children's hearts a love of nature. And who knows you might even sneak in a little education. Whatever you do, you are sure to have a fun vacation to remember.

Here are a few adventurous memories for you to enjoy in photos from my State Parks Section of the Free Photo Gallery:

Pricketts Fort WV State Park Album includes photos of a mother and daughter day at the park. These photos were offered by my daughter and granddaughter. Whether you are looking for a fun time with your daughter, granddaughter, son or the whole family, this park has something for everyone.

Coopers Rock WV State Park Album This state park is one that has loads of memories us. We like Cooper's Rock so much it is where we have our annual family reunion.

Matheson State Park Album Now here is a park that offers some great low light photography opportunities. Great place to enjoy walking deep into the forest and feel your connection with mother earth.

Perhaps next week I'll add some more state parks we've visited that make great family fun vacations. Hope you have a wonderful memorial weekend.

Have Fun,


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