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Tips and Ops Issue #5 - Neat Photo Editing Tool
September 16, 2011

Creating Clean Smooth Photos With Neat Image

Welcome to Tips and Ops, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature and flower photographs. I will be sharing some of my secrets and strategies for better pictures. We'll have photo contests once a month as well as other opportunities to share your stories.

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September 16, 2011 Issue #05

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Table of Contents:
  • Photo Tip - Editing PHotos With Neat Image Software

  • September Featured Artist - Meet Clark Ostergaard from Utah

  • Free Photo Gallery Updates - Ten Sections 744 Images and Growing

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Photo Tip - Photo Editing Software, Neat Image

The popularity of digital photography has carried with it a few challenges of its own. For instance, there is something called noise when settings aren't just right. Many people I talk to don't notice or don't know what I am talking about, so don't feel bad if you are scratching your head right now. And asking, "What the heck is noise?"

Before And After Images Cleaned With Neat Image Software

It's easier to show you what noise is than it is to tell you. The first image is a section of a full moon before editing. The second is after just a few clicks of the mouse using this free software.

moon image with digital noise
moon image with digital noise filtered out

Finally Software That is Easy to Use as They Promise

Once you've installed Neat Image on your computer you only have about five to seven clicks of a mouse to make your image clear and clean.

You may be wondering why this is important. You can clean up your image in your regular photo editing software. It has been my experience that cleaning up your photos this way can be a struggle.

Sometimes this grainy look can be worse than others. You may find yourself discouraged if you end up with pictures like the one below.

moon image with digital noise

This photo is a cropped section of an Orchid Flower picture taken indoors with poor light. When you look at your photos in their smaller versions on your computer you may not see the grain in them. This one is pretty bad, but looking at it through my camera view finder, it didn't seem so bad.

moon image with digital noise filtered out

Cleaning the image up was a snap with this software. You can download it as a demo for no cost. And the purchase price is very reasonable. It is availble for Windows PC or Mac. They include an easy to follow how to with the download. Use this link to get yours today I used the "Stand Alone" version for the images in this post.

Featured Artist Clark Ostergaard - Lilies of The Field

Every so often a visitor to my site will write and ask if they can use one of my photos as an reference for a painting. Clark is one of those readers. He wrote to ask me if he could use a lily picture he found on my site as a reference for a painting he wanted to enter in a contest.

I am always honored when fellow artists see the beauty that I do when taking pictures. And I love the added perspective as well.

Clark's work speaks for itself. He mailed me photos of some of his additional work as well as the finished "Lilies in the Field" painting. He won't know until January whether or not he wins that contest. But it would seem he has won several over his 50 years of being an artist. You can see the painting of my Lilies picture and read more about Clark Ostergaard here...

Free Photo Gallery 744 Images Loaded and Growing Fast!

I'm organizing the gallery into ten sections for now. You can access each one from the thumbnails to the right of each album page. If you have any ideas of how I can make this photo gallery easier to navigate, please reply to this newsletter and let me know. I welcome any suggestions and comments. You can also leave comments, rate photos and even add your own. If you haven't visited yet be sure you do.

Gallery Sections

Click Thumbnail to Enter Album of Your Choice
Giant hibiscus flower - Flower Pictures Section currently has 9 albums with a total of 244 images.
sample nature pictures section - Nature Pictures section has 2 albums with a total of 41 images. The newest addition to this section is the Animal Album.
autumn flowers album - Autumn Flowers Album is currently a stand alone album that will join the Seasonal Photos in a few days. Enjoy 21 new photos added this month.
wild flowers image sample - Pink Wildflowers is the first of the series of Wild Flowers with a total of 26 images.
assorted lilies album sample - Lily Pictures Section has 5 Albums with a total of 137 images.
Pricketts Fort State Park - This Pricketts Fort album containing 40 images will join the State Parks Section soon.
tree pictures image sample - Autumn Trees is the first of photos in the Tree Pictures Section with 21 total.
scenic pictures sample - Niagra Falls is the first of the albums in the Scenic Pictures Section with 42 images.
still life photo - Assorted Art Album with 16 photos is the first of the Photo Art Section.
bird pictures section sample - And finally we have 30 duck photos in this album which is the first of the Bird PHotos Section.

This brings us to a total of 744 images in Nature and Flower Pictures Gallery so far. Hope you are enjoying them

To your success and happiness,


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