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Tips and Ops Issue #9 - Royalty Free Photos
February 23, 2012

Welcome to Tips and Ops, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature and flower photographs. I will be sharing some of my secrets and strategies for better pictures. We'll have photo contests once a month as well as other opportunities to share your stories.

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February, 2012 Issue #09

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Table of Contents:
  • Royalty Free Photos - Introducing Regular and Extended License Purchase Options for image downloads.

  • Thank You For Lulu - Campaign was a success!...

  • Guest Article Submission - Four New Articles...
    1. ABC's of Staying Home for moms who work from home.
    2. Hobbies Hobbies Everywhere But Which is Right For Me
    3. Covered in Butterflies
    4. Wedding Crasher

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Royalty Free Photos Commercial License Available

I would like to take a moment to offer a special thanks to those readers who have inquired about using photos from Nature and Flower pictures in special projects.

Some of these projects have been for items that are sold to other clients.

It is with these readers in mind I am making available an extended license for "Commercial" use of images you find on this site.

After much research I've come up with what I feel is a very competitive pricing.

You can read the new Royalty Free License Agreement here...

Lulu Fund Raiser A Great Success!

A special thanks goes out to all those who purchased during my special LuLu fund raiser. Thanks to all efforts put forth, this lovely dog was able to have her surgery and all after care she needed.

She is now back with my daughter awaiting the perfect family to pick her.

Whether your contribution was through 2PawsUp, purchase through my store, or prayers, you are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all my friends,


Guest Article Submissions

Special thanks to guests who have taken me up on my offer. Your submissions go toward providing great articles of interest to readers.

The ABC's of Staying Home, Tips For Moms Who Work From Home

by James Martell

As I travel, giving lectures and seminars, I talk to a lot of business women, and many of them express how difficult is to divide their time between work and family. Luckily, we live in a time when they don’t necessarily have to choose between the two.

Read The ABC's of Staying Home...

Hobbies, Hobbies Everywhere But Which Is Right For Me

by Melissa Cameron

Now that I’ve got the idea to create some scheduled “me time”, I need to decide what I’m going to do with it! There are so many things I want to try that I’ve never done before, and then there are old hobbies that I miss. Which of them would fit best into my time schedule, and equally important, which of them will fit best into my household budget?

Read Hobbies, Hobbies Everywhere But Which is Right For me

From Readers Who Simply Have A Story to Shell

Covered In Butterflies

I visited the Wildlife Park in Sydney with my Grandson. As you walk in there is an enclosure with different kinds of lizards, etc and butterflies.

Read Covered In Butterflies

Wedding Crasher

by Brian from Indianapolis

I think you will enjoy this quaint little story...

My wife and I decided to get married in front of a small group of friends and family in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This involved us having the ceremony and reception outdoors on the beach during their rainy season.

Read Wedding Crasher

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