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Tips and Ops Issue #1 - Winning Still Life Photo Creations
May 20, 2011

Still Life Photography Bounty From Your Garden


Welcome to Tips and Ops, the newsletter with insider tips for getting the most from your nature and flower photographs. I will be sharing some of my secrets and strategies for better pictures. We'll have photo contests once a month as well as other opportunities to share your stories.

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May 20, 2011 Issue #01

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Table of Contents:
  • Photo Tip - Taking Still Life Photos Inside

  • Contest Challenge for May - Enter your still life photo

  • What's New with Nature And Flower Pictures

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The Race Goes Not Always to The Swift...But to Those Who Keep on Running

Tips For Taking Winning Still Life Photos

Remember The Basics of Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography may be one of the most challenging of all photo genres. To create a still life photo the photographer must first make the picture before he/she can take the photo.

There are four important basics to keep in mind when you are making a still life photo.

  1. Composition - the art of pulling together items into an eye appealing photograph

  2. Background - Make sure you have a background that blends well with the items you are photographing. I used a dark bluegreen material in my sample below.

  3. Items to photograph - This can be just about anything. Use items that can tell a story or just look good together.

  4. Lighting - Natural light is ideal. But you can use your camera's flash. Be prepared though, for a distortion in color.

Autumn canvas still life photograph

I've written an article using Garden Harvest as the theme for a series of Still Life Photography trial and errors. Walk with me as I play with this technique of discovery.

No matter what type of photography you choose, I believe it should be fun.

May Challenge Present Your Best Still Life Photography

And now it's your turn. Welcome to the first monthly contest of Tips and Ops. Your chance to show the world what you can do. Winners of the May challenge will be featured in Nature and Flower Pictures for the month of July.

Be sure and look over the article on still life photography. You'll see samples I've taken and the mistakes I made. You'll also see the solutions. I enjoyed the journey and I hope you do too.

You can enter up to 4 photos. Use this link to upload your contributions on our contest entries. Enter your name and where you are from (optional). Be sure and leave your email address and opt to be notified when your image is posted.

All entries will be posted on our contest page. This is where you can vote on your favorite.

What Do I Win?

Prizes are:
  • Featured on Nature and Flower Pictures for one month
  • Copy of my ebook Selling Art Online (latest edition)
  • Pack of Royalty Free Photos, 15 high resolution images in large format

Good Luck,


What's New on Nature and Flower Pictures

I've relocated the Free Photo Gallery to better serve you. this means starting over. I'll be adding images back in weekly.

I intentionally kept this issue of Tips and Ops short because you will be receiving one in just a couple of weeks. This is so we can get on schedule. After that you can expect to get an issue the first Thursday of the month.

Enjoy! and Good luck with your contest entries! I look forward to your contributions.

Have a wonderful day,


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