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A Butterfly Dream Come True

by Flor Gomez
(Los Angeles C.A)

Dream Come True

Dream Come True

I once had a dream, of seeing many butterflies and many colors. It was marvelous. One flew onto my hand.

I was happy and grateful for the blessing. As of that day everyday I see butterflies everywhere I go. I often see as many as 20 a day.

I have never in my life seen so many different colors and different sizes I see it more as a blessing from God rather than luck.

I was staying at a friends house for couple of nights and one morning her mother shouts and shows me an amazing butterfly laying on the floor. I picked it up with out hesitating and put it in my hand.

It wouldn't fly. It was just in my hand for more than 5 minutes. I told my friend to take a picture of it.

It was inside her house and it flew to her curtains. When she tried touching it, it flew away and went out side high on a plant.

Later that day as we went to the store I saw it flying in the street. It is so amazing and I am thankful to God my dream came true.

Thank you,


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Sep 27, 2014
Thank You For A Lovely Story
by: Sally

Thank you Flor for sharing your dream and butterfly story with our readers.

Butterflies land quite often on people. I've had the experience of a mourning butterfly landing on my hand by my invitation.

At the time I didn't know it was a mourning butterfly. I found that out after researching what type it was.

These butterflies often represent a change in our lives. Was it a coincidence that this happened at a time of great change in my life? One can really only speculate.

And once while in our local dog park a monarch butterfly landed on my shoulder and rested there for several minutes.

My friend that was with me said that a butterfly landing on you was a sign that you are a gentle soul.

There are many many meanings attributed to these wonderful experiences. I believe if it feels right to you, then it is so.

Thank you all for your contributions.



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