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A High School Miracle?

by Anonymous

Monarch Butterfly Landing In Park

Monarch Butterfly Landing In Park

Sorry, no photos, but I am 15, in high school and I was feeling kind of down. I was sitting outside for lunch when I felt an insect on my head right where my headband was.

I thought it was a bee or something so I shook it off. My friend across the table got excited and then she told me a Monarch Butterfly had landed on my head.

The funny thing is, my school's team mascot is called the Monarchs, The North Side Monarchs.

One of my friends recently passed last month. So I wondered if this was a coincidence? I was sitting at the same table as my friend.

I was wondering if an angel came to me, or if it was a sign that good things are to come because I was feeling down?

I did feel at peace and I'm glad God gave me an experience like this.

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May 19, 2016
Dreamming of my mom that passed away
by: Anonymous

I had a dream about my mom and when I got up I went out side to the backyard. I found a butterfly in my canopy so I put it in my hand. It just sat there then it flew

Oct 23, 2015
What Butterfly Landings Mean To Me
by: Sally

Thank you for this lovely story about butterfly landings. I've read many such stories.

I have actually had butterflies land on me a couple of times. I too wondered what it meant. I've looked up the meanings. But I've also come to my own conclusions.

I feel that the meaning of butterfly landings is very personal. All of your thoughts about what this Monarch landing on your head means, are possible.

I would feel for the one that gave me the best feeling and know that that is the message you are receiving.

We are never alone and all of life is a co-creation. As long as we are open and appreciative that creation is a positive one.

I particularly like the thought that your friend was using this butterfly to let you know all is well. But as I say, it is what feels best for you.

Thank you again,

Sally, (owner:

P.s. I took the liberty of adding a photo to this comment. I hope you don't mind.

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