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Amazing Feeling

by Tracy
(Conroe, Tx USA)

Butterfly Lands On My Cap At Family Memorial

Butterfly Lands On My Cap At Family Memorial

My Dad passed away four months ago from me writing this . The family set up a time to meet at Mom and Dads place on Fathers Day.

I did not want to go.

The night before we went, I had a dream about Dad. He was standing between his two sisters, who are still living.

As they were talking to me, I stared at Dad, thinking I was seeing a Spirit. I slowly reached out to touch his arm, it was soft. I squeezed gently and I felt skin. I felt him being whole again.

So I grabbled him crying and hugging him tight. Then my dream showed me that I was actually looking at myself hugging him while my two Aunts were looking at me in bewilderment, as they only saw me hugging air!

I saw what they saw; me hugging air.

Then I woke.

Its a weird feeling, but some sort of peace came over me today.

I went to the family celebration with a smile. I remembered throughout that day my hug from Dad.

Later that evening at their home, we did a small butterfly release. Most of them flew up, a few went to plants and one landed on the brim of my cap.

It flew off and came back 3 times! I wondered if there was a significant meaning?

I hold onto my thoughts that Dad was there with us.

~ missing my Dad

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Aug 11, 2017
by: Jeri

I don't have a picture but today while sitting outside with my grandson a brown butterfly landed on my left knee it was so beautiful I asked my grandson if he saw the butterfly he said yes I saw the brown butterfly Mema,

Jun 20, 2016
Thank you for Sharing
by: Sally

Thank you Tracy for sharing your lovely story. It is so hard losing our parents no matter what our age.

My mother passed just last month. The very next day after she passed my brother told how a lady bug visited them and was as stubborn as our mom.

It finally landed on his mouth as if to share a kiss then flew off. Lady bugs were one of her favorites.

Just a day before I was sitting at my desk looking at the African Violets that I started from leaves of the mother plant belonging to our mom.

I was thinking that I needed to re-pot them.

Before the thought was complete, one of the leaves literally jumped out of the pot onto my desk.

I smiled and said to Mom, I love you and miss you so.

When those we love leave us I do believe that they say farewell in ways that are meaningful to us.

Thank you, Tracy, again, for sharing.

Owner of

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