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From Cute And Cuddly To Turn And Run

Creating this animal album was fun.  Photographing each animal  on this page has been a joyous experience.  If you love animals, you'll love these pictures.

I read somewhere that when taking photographs of animals it is important to get the eyes.  The eyes capture a sense of spirit, I think.

The gallery on these pages are quite user friendly.  Click on any thumbnail and the larger size image will open right on this page.

There are multiple ways to scroll through the images on the screen.  Along the bottom of the image you are currently viewing is a row of tiny thumbnails.  You can click on each one to see the larger view.  Or chose the right or left arrows to the bottom of the screen to navigate back and forth.

You can even watch this animal album as a video by clicking the arrow to the far left of the screen.  

You say you want to download one or two or all of them?  Easy!!  Simply right click on the thumbnail at the bottom.  Follow the drop down menu to save your image the best way for you.

Have fun!  When you've finished exploring, click the word close on the right side of the gallery window.  

Learn About Some Of Your Favorite Animals...

It was late October and I was visiting my sister in WV.  She decided we deserved to have our own adventure at Canaan Valley.  

October is a little early for this popular ski resort to open to skiers, most years.  But it is the perfect time for capturing deer pictures for my animal album.  This is one sample, clicking on the caption of this photo takes you to even more deer pictures.

While visiting my daughter when she lived in California, we just had to visit the San Diego zoo.  Here is another spot where zoom comes in handy.  Taking pictures for an animal album can be challenging. 

This black bear was so far away you could hardly make him out.  But he certainly appears to be enjoying his more open habitat.  Much better than the old zoo cages of long ago.

This surprise shot was a fun one.  The eye you see here belongs to a tiny, tiny rabbit.  He must have been a baby.   But no animal is too small to enjoy a place in an animal album.

If I could have caught him he would have fit nicely in the palm of my hand.  The picture you are looking at is blades of grass that hide this tiny wonder of nature.

This cute little squirrel is one of many pictures I've taken of these rodent relatives.  I lived in Illinois for seven years and every walk would give me another photo op.  

I personally think they are cute, especially when caught in play or in the middle of gathering nuts like this one.  I've actually been on walks when they would come up and pause just for that special photo shoot.

This Lizard picture is color enhanced to bring out his natural beauty.  

This lizard is tiny.  The tree trunk you see behind him is actually a bonsai.  The bonsai was a larger one but just the same he fit nicely in the palm of my grandson's hand.

The kids loved him enough to let him crawl into their hands, though you wouldn't catch me doing so.  If you enjoy reptiles too, be sure and click on the caption to see more reptiles pictures.

Animal Album Pictures Just For Fun

I had only used my new camera a couple of times when I captured this cutie in the act.  Mom used to sell Avon and there just happened to be an empty box on her front porch.

Miss kitty looks quite charming don't you think?   Stray cats can be charming when they are young and not had a chance to gather dirt from being out in the open 24/7.

In 1969 one man's desire to preserve Northern Illinois's prairie heritage brought forth the birth of the area's bison rescue project.  And for over 40 years a small herd roam on Fermilab, the renowned physics lab in suburban Batavia.  

You can walk behind their big red barn and get some great photos.  And often they roam out front where zooming is a good option.

Riverwalk located in Naperville, IL was one of my favorite places to walk when I lived up there.  And this cute little ground squirrel was one of the reasons why.  

He seemed to stop just for me to capture this shot on one visit.  The wall is just over my head on the lower level where I stood to capture this little guy.

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Although Creations by Sally's focus is often flowers, nature has so much to offer I have to include a little of it all.   There are so many things about all of nature that I enjoy.  I hope you do to.

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