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Fun In Arches National Park

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Arches National Park located in the state of Utah is probably one of the most picturesque places on our planet.  Every adventure that I enjoy through nature is awesome.  I would like to take just one second to express my appreciation for our country and the national park systems that help to preserve and protect that awesome wonder!

Today we are going to venture through one of those parks that will have you asking for more!  When visiting  Arches National Park  you can drive through and pull over to enjoy scenic overlooks as well as a variety of walking trails.

You'll find  information  all along the way.  You can park in any of the available  parking lots on your visit.  Or simply pull off on one of the by-pass areas and feast your eyes on amazing wonders of rocks and natural windows into heaven.

It is a photographers  playground.  Come with me and see for yourself.

Visiting Arches National Park

Balanced rock can be seen from many stops along the Arches drive.  This picture was taken early in our journey through the park.  That rock balanced atop it's base is a wonder all on it's own.  It makes you lust for more!

Every trip begins with a goal and a purpose.  As I look over the many  photos I took in this short little tour of Arches I find myself wishing I had space and time to share them all.  

We started our journey by offering transportation to my grandson from North Carolina to California.  On our way to California we stopped at a few interesting places and enjoyed a few fun ventures.

I did most of the driving during this round trip adventure.  But I did not have a clue what was in store for me when it began.

Arches Can Be Enjoyed From A Distance By Using The Many Scenic By-Passes 

This Arch window makes the perfect picture of what is in store for us as we enjoy the day ahead.

Some times if you're lucky an opportunity comes along to meet new lifetime friends and enjoy some of the details that you missed along the way.

Arches National Park is one of those very opportunities. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find we were stopping by this park for a quick tour.  Trust me when I say, you cannot do any national park justice in a few hour drive by.  But you can enjoy some really breathe taking views and pictures.

I snapped this photo  from a distance as we made our way to the main parking lot of this amazing park.  You'll find a closer view at the end of this article.   We actually got to walk around under an arch similar to this one.

The shape of those rocks look to me like the beak of a bird coming close and personal with something.  Enjoy a closer look in the image at the bottom of this page and let me know what you see.

A Journey To One Of The Most Popular Arches In The Park

Along with multiple by-pass opportunities, you will also find walking trails throughout the park. We saw many walkers enjoying those trails.  Each trail is marked clearly with signs sharing safety rules you want to follow while walking in the desert.

We decided it would be fun to follow the crowd through one of these trails to visit what appeared to be a most popular Arch.   We could see this arch in the distance.

Before we started up the path  I noticed movement beyond the fence that marked our trail.   

I think at least half the group we were following saw this Collared Lizard at the same time.  This awesome critter was minding his own business enjoying one more sunny day in the desert.

Once again I found my zoom feature to be my best friend.  I created the collage image above so you can see just how tiny this little guy really is.  Notice how he almost disappears from view at the top of that bush?

He may be tiny, but his colors are striking.  He gets his name from the banded markings around his neck.  He looks like he is wearing a collar.

When I got home I did a search for lizards with these markings.  I found an awesome informative site you might enjoy called Desert Museum.  

When you get to this site, follow the path to learn more about this collared lizard:

Click kids, then animals and plants, then Sonoran Desert Fact Sheets.

Then under the animals list click on Collared Lizard.

Our Climb To  The Arch That Remained Elusive And Out Of Reach

There is a reward in exploring just for the adventure.  And if you are not looking for anything in particular, every encounter can be memorable.

After a few shots and sharing of our inspiration for the life that is teaming at our feet, we continued the upward journey along our trail.

As you can see this path is a combination of human structure and desert rocks to form stairs and walking convenience.  You don't walk this trail half asleep, trust me.  And keep in mind what goes up must come back down.

We followed a few fellow hikers up the path.  And we were passed by those who had already made the journey before us on this sunny day.  No one mentioned that we would not get as close to this Arch as we thought we would.

This huge arch appears to be one of the parks most popular places to stop and enjoy.   As you can see in the above picture, many people had actually found their way there.

We walked for over an hour up the path that appeared to lead to it.  

Once we went as far as we could walk safely this elusive arch was still on the other side of  a ravine too deep to cross.

There was so much beauty along the way that made it an enjoyable trek.  But it was also a lesson in not being tied to your plans.

Arches National Park may not be for the weak in heart.  Our hour long walk in the brilliant sun of mid day and we were still a ravine away from that elusive arch.

The walk along the way was fabulous and we would not have missed it for the world.  

This is where planning your trip with park rangers inside the ranger station may come in handy.  There are far too many wonderful formations to view and enjoy.  You will not be disappointed even if you don't get close to all of the Arches available to enjoy.

The information stand at this pull off names this formation as Arches Windows.  You can see them clearest in this picture.

There is one thing I learned for sure.  Arches National Park is not a park you can take in in one afternoon.  But it is a park that you will enjoy even if that is all the time you have to spare.

So go ahead, take that time to pop in and enjoy an hour or two.  Trust me you will not be disappointed.

This photo is a close up of one interesting rock formation.  There are multiple areas of the arches national park that you can actually walk under these arches.

Some of the trails are really long.  Others can be reached between rocks along the way where you can rest and simply enjoy the beauty around you.

To view the pictures on this page in gallery format simply click on any one of them.  You can then scroll through and enjoy larger views of each one. 

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