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Autumn Trees Album
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Enjoy these autumn trees album pictures no matter what time of year it is. Fall is a favorite time of year for the kid in all of us.

Do you remember as a kid running through the neighborhood kicking up fallen leaves to watch them swirl to the ground again?  Have you ever squealed with delight as a big gust of wind blows more leaves for you to rake?

Raking up yard leaves never seemed like a chore back then.  It meant hours of entertainment as we all got together taking turns jumping in that pile of leaves.  And the bigger the pile the better.

Now is your chance to take a walk down memory lane.  But you don't have to be a kid to enjoy the beauty of these autumn trees.

Just click on the first thumbnail and a window will pop up.  View the next image by clicking the top right side of that photo.  Go back by clicking the left side.  

Clicking anywhere outside the image will bring you back to this page.

Your Autumn Trees Album Adventure Begins Here...

Each thumbnail you see here opens into a gallery right on this page. Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons near the top of each picture to see the next image in line.

To exit the gallery choose the close option in the bottom right corner. You can also click anywhere outside the image to close this window.

Autumn in Northern Illinois has many many faces.  Take these three autumn trees album shots for instance.  First you see a mixed bag of late summer and fall leaves beginning to show their faces right in my neighborhood.

Second set is a picture of a pair of young trees with dainty pink leaves.  They look as if they are being protected by the older trees in the park.

And finally in this row is a lone yellow tree casting a shadow in the grass.  While directly behind you can see a row of summer hold-outs.

I may be too old to jump in those piles of autumn leaves.  But you never get too old to enjoy the giggles from your kids and grandchildren.  

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And did I mention, it's fun too?

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