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What's Your Baby Bird Pictures Story?

Sometimes baby birds are the easiest ones to capture because they aren't going anywhere.  You have to be careful though.  

You don't want to scare of the parents and leave the babies orphaned.  Every picture taken on this site is from cautious photographers assuring that a zoom lens was used from a safe distance.

And now it's your turn.  Come share with us your baby bird pictures.

Have A Great Story About Birds Nesting in Your Back Yard?

Do you have a great story about about baby birds? Did you follow them in picture from egg to first flight? Share it!

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Robin Baby Bird Pictures 
These Robins decided to create a nest in my front yard. The tree was low so I was able to reach my camera in and capture the growth of the baby birds …

House Wren Baby Bird Pictures 
I went out to my garage and found a nest of house wrens. So I decided to follow their progress. Here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy this story in …

California Back Yard Predators Not rated yet
A Coopers Hawk waits by the bird feeder for dinner while these baby barn owls venture out for the first time. We've lived here for 20+ years and this …

Baby Robins Looking For Food Not rated yet
I was happy to see this bird nest on my front porch light. But nothing could top the thrill of taking this picture as babies raise their head looking …

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