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Baby Robins Looking For Food

by Stephanie
(West Virginia)

Baby Robins Looking For Food

Baby Robins Looking For Food

I was happy to see this bird nest on my front porch light. But nothing could top the thrill of taking this picture as babies raise their head looking for food. It wasn't long before they heard the warning call from mom.

I noticed the nest a couple weeks ago but didn't get to take a really good picture until today. There were many tries with my camera phone but all too blurry to really share.

As the babies began growing I wanted more and more to catch them reaching up for mama bird to feed them. I discovered that if I made the slightest noise on my porch they popped their heads up thinking it was mom.

On this particular morning Sally was visiting and she let me take this picture with her camera. I have the advantage of being just a little taller than my sister so she was more than willing to let me get a closer shot.

Notes from Sally owner of Nature and Flower

Together my sister, Stephanie and I put together quite a story in bird pictures this day. Clicking on the thumbnails will replace the larger image you are viewing.

I captured the beaks of babies peeking up over the nest before I turned the camera over to my taller sister.

Stephanie captured the babies sleeping inside their nest before they woke to look for food. Funny how baby birds fill their nest to maximum. No wasted space here.

Finally with all that human fuss and bother Dad could take no more. I took one last picture of Father Robin as he puffed up his feather doing all he could to look big and bad. Mind you he hadn't got to the point of out and out attack before we gave in.

All was forgiven and babies grew until it was time to leave the nest.

Sally and Stephanie

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