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Badlands National Park - A Day In The Life

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Badlands National Park may be one of the most interesting places I've ever had the joy of exploring.  We camped at the park and enjoyed some of the many trails available for visitors. 

What better way to see and enjoy the amazing gifts a park has to offer than to do so on a walking trail.  Come enjoy the ride with us as I share some of that fun in pictures.

As I look through the pictures I enjoyed taking of this desert land I am reminded of the many western movies I watched as a young girl.  I grew up when westerns were king on tv.

And I would wager to say that a visit to the badlands of South Dakota are as close as you will ever come to feeling like you are back in those old west days. 

But that's not all this national park has to offer.    Come with me as we go...

Exploring - Badlands National Park

Some shots I took from our car as we entered this long road through the desert.  But that was only the beginning.  

Although the road you travel to get into this park is paved, you can whisk yourself into a walk through pure desert just by looking out the window.  As a matter of fact you can expect to see signs along the road letting you know where some of the designated walking paths are.

You're Not Limited to Window Viewing

On our drive into Badlands National Park campground we stopped many times in the available spots chosen just for viewing and picture taking.  We saw a few fellow travelers with  selfie poles for taking those couple shots we all want to share.

I don't have one yet and I must admit I'm new to the prospect of switching to my camera on my smart phone.   I guess you might call me somewhat old fashioned in my choice of photography tools.  I love my point and shoot digital Canon and the fantastic shots that I am able to share with you.

I do highly recommend a tri-pod.  That way you can enjoy your own inclusion in the photos if you want to and no one has to be the wiser.   My camera has a self timer so it will take your couples picture with a little patience.

Not to mention the fact that tri-pods hold your camera steadier than you do.

Continuing Our Trek Through Badlands

This cluster of evergreens hiding in mountains of sand just proves how diverse nature can be.  Actually the desert has a huge variety of color and beauty.  You just may have to do a little zooming, or walking or closer looking to find it.

I took this picture from one of the many places provided by Badlands National Park for pulling off the road.  

The only thing I know for sure, to get shots like this you have to leave your car.

Car Shots Can Be Revealing Too

As you can see Badlands National Park is not all sand and rocks.  This shot was taken from the car.

And as you may guess taking shots from your car are not always the best pictures to share.  But I wanted to show you that this park is really a safe place to enjoy the desert without giving up completely on civilization. 

Notice at the top of the hill there are two signs?  They are indicators of the curve in the road that you can't see from this angle.  

I could have easily photo shopped them out but thought it would make a good note for fellow photographers

Desert Vista As Far As The Eye Can See

Standing at the side of a modern paved lane and looking out over this amazing vista, it just feels as if this Park surely was named wrong.  How could anything so awesome be "badlands".

But then one picture won't tell you the whole story, will it?

These tiny blue flowers are seen growing almost everywhere in the wild.  They especially seem to thrive in dryer climates like the desert.

They represent a hope for life and color no matter where you live or visit.  These flowers are Desert Lupine.  There are many desert flowers that thrive in these dry climates.

Many of them actually hold water for longer periods of time to withstand their dry environment.

Down in the right hand corner of this photo you can see the protective railing that divides us from the desert that spreads before our eyes.

How far can you see when your are presented with such a majestic vision spread out for miles and miles and miles.  When you let your imagination wonder can you see the life that is dancing before you.

Hiding in every little crevice one can only imagine the tiny lizards or snakes or other lifeforms that are taking their nap right about now.  

You can explore more information about Badlands National Parks here...

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