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Beautiful Black and Blue Butterfly

by Rebecca Gilland
(Defuniacksprings, FL)

Black and blue butterfly in my yard.

Black and blue butterfly in my yard.

Here is a photo of a beautiful black and blue butterfly who came for a friendly visit. I just moved from the city to the country two months ago. I have been working on my spirituality and enjoying nature. I've had opportunities to photograph two amazing beautiful butterflies.

But the one I'm talking about with you now happened today, September 19, 2013. It was a nice beautiful sunny day with temps around 85 or 90 degrees.

I was sitting on my swing when all of a sudden this beautiful black and blue butterfly caught my eye. He has been flying around my house for the past two weeks..

I was thinking about things for my garden and all of a sudden he flew down and landed on the opposite side of me on my glider bench. I was amazed at how big and beautiful he was, so I slowly moved my hand towards him and was talking to him like I knew him.

In a very gentle voice I said, “Hey beautiful, I won’t hurt you. I would really like to hold you.”

I just kept being very gentle talking to him. As I got my hand right next to him he flew to my hand and sat there like it was no big deal. It Was Totally Awesome…

A few minutes later I was thinking I would so love to get a picture of me holding him. So I walked towards my house. I was not sure I would be able to get that picture without losing this moment.

Then my son just so happened to come outside so he got to see it too. I told him do me a favor please.

He said, “What mom? Do you need your camera?”

I said, “Yes please.”

He got my camera, but when my son walked back out the butterfly flew off my hand. So I didn't get to capture a picture of it on my hand.

He flew around close by so kept talking to the butterfly some more. I was surprised when he came back and let me get some nice pictures of him. I was so happy and amazed!

He flew around me all day then I even had a yellow butterfly fly around too.

I have had several butterflies around me these last few months and I absolutely love them.

I’m so blessed to have these Butterflies around me every day.

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