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Enjoying bird photos album is just a click away. You will find a variety of birds from seagulls to robins to name just a couple.

Each thumbnail you see here opens into a gallery right on this page. Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons near the top of each picture to see the next image in line. To exit the gallery choose the close option in the bottom right corner. You can also click anywhere outside the image to close this window.

Under each bird picture on this page I will tell a little story in description about the photo as I remember them.  If you are a return reader, you may have read where I crashed my external drive a few years ago.

My loss has been your gain, really.  I was able to have my son recover most of the photos.  But there are still many that have been lost forever.

This is one occasion I learned a lesson the hard way.  Because of the nature of computer recovery, the names of all pictures were lost.  As I sift through the 1,000's of unnamed images I share what I feel you will enjoy.  

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One summer while enjoying walks at Herrick Lake in Northern IL, I noticed an unusual gathering of birds.  Other walkers noticed them as well.  One person suggested they might be starlings.

Out of curiosity I found out they were Barn Swallows.  I spent the rest of that summer following their progress.

These babies are just about ready to leave the nest.

I've written an entire article about their flight that summer.  But today you can enjoy three in bird photos album.

They had chosen one of Herricks most popular picnic pavilions to live and breed that year.

As you may guess, that was not the best of ideas for people or birds.

These adults perched on beams in the ceiling watch as their young grow and learn.

Another bird that enjoys building nests near and around homes, is the appropriately named "House Wren"

This guy doesn't seem to have a nest where he is perched.  But he may.  Since the pillar was so high, all I could really see was the bird.

And today he was just enjoying the view as walkers passed his way.  Wonder if he is thinking, maybe they will drop some food...

Bird Photos Album Presents Water Fowl

Pelicans are fun sea birds.  It is common to see them flying and diving in the ocean near beaches.

This was the Atlantic Ocean and I was enjoying the Carolina Beach in NC.  

I had to zoom to get this picture.  And I apologize in advance for the less than top notch quality.  But he was barely visible to the eye, so it isn't bad.

Don't throw out those blurry shots.

Why not have a little fun with them?

This is that same pelican shot enhanced with a little photo editing software.

I like Gimp as my favorite editing software.  But sometimes I'll use paint.  The artistic effects are similar but they have a different look about them.

I remember this visit to my daughter's when she lived in California, quite well.  She always tried to think of fun ways to share the place she lived.

This visit I enjoyed my first walk on the ocean floor at low tide.

And this perky little seagull enjoyed waiting on the exposed rocks of Sunset Cliffs looking for natures bounty on that floor.

I named this bird Yellow Breasted Warbler because that's what it looks like in my search.

I appreciate anyone correcting me in my finds.  I'll update names I've gotten wrong as soon as I can.

This bird decided to try and chance a quick meal on our cruise ship among passengers waiting to depart.

Here is another one of those shots that most photographers would probably trash.

But I do love playing with digital art.  I'll admit this is definitely not worthy of selling but it would still make a nifty card.

It might even print at 5 x 7 size for display in your kids room.  The robin in this tree was late in leaving that season.  Those are autumn leaves he is nestled in.

And speaking of late departures.  This goldfinch sits on branches that have very few leaves.

But the very sparse leaves are not because of late departure, but rather early spring.

This little goldfinch picture was taken on the tenth of April.  So it's surprising there are even this much leaf showing.  

Your walk in the park may just reveal some very interesting birds.  If you walk anywhere new a shallow lake, river, or stream that holds fish, you may possibly come across any of these birds.  

If you do and get the chance to take a picture, why not share it here?  I love hearing your stories and sharing your photos.  Don't worry if you feel you can't write a complete story, I'll add what I can.  I do appreciate it when you tell me how you feel and where you took your pictures.

Tell as much as you can and I'll take care of spelling and correct placement.  You can load up to 4 photos in your post.  If you have more, I can help you with that as well.  You can pose your question inside your post or drop me a line in my easy to use contact form...  I look forward to hearing from you.

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