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Bird pictures section has a collection of bird photos to explore. Enjoy duck photos, crane bird pictures and other favorites.

Each individual album of birds can be accessed by clicking on the strip of thumbnails.  Unlike the other pages, these images don't pop up on your screen.  Instead they take you to the specific album about of birdss.

Take your time and enjoy this walk through Creations by Sally's Free Photo Gallery.

Bird pictures and stories are what you will find in this section.  If you love birds you will enjoy this journey through american birds.

Did you know there are about 8,800 to 10,200 living bird species?  With so many species of birds you would think photographic opportunities would be abundant.

If you are an american bird pictures photographer, you know better.  Birds are excellent at hiding from your camera.

And so I hope you enjoy the photos I've gathered for you here.  Each Album heading will take you to that album where you will be able to download your favorites.  The sample image strips will do the same.  Please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions...

Bird Pictures Section Begins With Duck Photos Album

Your duck photo opportunities grow with the spring arrivals of new chicks.  You really don't need to carry food with you to the park.  You'll have more pictures than you know what to do with.  

Our walks at Naperville Riverwalk were some of my most memorable and fun times.  This small town is full of beauty and freshness all year round.

In the spring it was fun to watch new and old Mallard Ducks roaming freely all around.

It is suggested that you not feed wild animals because it can teach these new arrivals to rely on humans for their survival.  We all know that ducks and wild animals of all nature do know how to survive without us.

You can just sit back and enjoy these images from the comfort of your home or office.  They make awesome slide shows to slip into your screen saver program too.

Bird Photos Album

Whether you are looking for large birds or small you will find them here.  You'll see where they live, eat and play in summer, spring, fall and winter.  Click your way into a flightful fantasy.

These bird photos are a collection of just about every type of bird that I've been able to capture on my walks.  Sometimes I just don't have enough of one bird to fill an album.  

I do change out all of the albums in this free photo gallery at times.  So be sure and come back to enjoy more.

Canadian Geese Album

Did you know that Geese remain with the same partner for up to 20 years?  So the photos you take each year of the new spring babies may well be from the same parents as the year before that.  

Take a walk with these geese as they visit parks along my walks.

Backyard Poultry Album

Backyard poultry are fun and interesting to raise.  And you get the benefit of having fresh eggs every morning.  These photos are of the first flock in my daughter's new home, and include babies born early in the spring.

When Mikki and the kids first moved from California, they were surprised to find that their new home included a mature flock of hens and roosters.  And throw in a duck or two and they were about to embark on a real adventure.

Bird pictures section shares this album and some of their fun and joy of learning to care for backyard poultry.

Bird Pictures Section Sharing Summe of Barn Swallow

You may find barn swallow bird pictures some of the easiest to get.  These beautiful little birds get their name from their nesting habits.

Be sure and check out this  summer story from beginning to flight from the nest.

Crane Bird Pictures

Bird pictures section was created to share stories like cranes being fish eaters.  I see them all around the parks and river shores here in northern Illinois.

I have missed more great pictures than I have taken but I wanted to share the few I have managed to get. Click on the thumbnail above to see them and read about cranes and their habits. 

Hawk Pictures

And what bird pictures section would be complete without stories about hawks?

Hawks mainly target small field animals but they are known to go after young fledglings, especially those left unguarded or weak. Read this story that taught my grandchildren and myself just how industrious these birds can be.

Baby Bird Pictures

Sample thumbnails of baby birdsBaby Bird Pictures Shared by Readers of

Baby Birds are always a favorite to photograph and enjoy.  Every spring I'm sure to get the opportunity to take pictures of the early arrivals.

This is also the time of year I hear from friends and family wanting to share their stories.  Be sure and check them out and share your stories too.

For the Birds Here is an excellent place to find all of your bird supplies and information.  Get info on bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, hummingbird feeders, and find bird supplies here.

When I think of watching birds I am reminded of a web site I came across.

Gardening for wildlife, a great place to capture bird pictures.  It is more then feeding wild birds. When you start gardens, you begin to attract butterflies and other pollinators. You attract toads and more. 

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