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Black And White Photography

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Do you remember when black and white photography was the only choice we had? I am sure with that question I am showing my age a little.

The truth is now black and white photography seems to have come back into style.   Every where you look, when it comes to pictures, you see the words also available in black and white.

How would you like to see a few pictures of mine that began their life in color?  Now they shine in black and white as a second choice of prints available to you.

It doesn't take a Photoshop expert to be able to do this.  

Today I'd like to share with you some black and white photography images I created using free software.  I have chosen GIMP as my favorite after years of playing around.  But you can find and play with the one of your choice.  And please share with us your results!

In the mean time, hope you enjoy these pictures created just for the fun of it.

Black And White Photography Gallery

Now with so many digital editing options, you can turn any picture into black and white.  I've used different methods for creating the effects you see on this page.

Selecting a portion of your image to remain in color like image number 7 below is a wonderful way to pull your images right off the page.  

I noticed recently that this effect is being used in commercials as well.  The method is called color splash.

Most every digital camera comes with settings for black and white or sepia. But as you can see with the pictures in this gallery, you are not limited to these settings only on your camera.

The last picture in this gallery was taken in color and using photo editing software I created the sepia rose.  You are limited only by your imagination.

Are you a little hesitant about editing your photos?  Perhaps you just don't know where to begin.  I've written Photo Editing  with you in mind.  I go over some of my favorite editing software and even give you a few tips on getting the most from the ones you choose.

Sample View of Free Black and White Photograph to Download

On the large picture above you can download by a simple right click of your mouse.  With a Mac you can click your mouse while clicking the control key to get this menu.

Choose "save image" or "download image".  On the Mac you would choose "save linked file to "Downloads"". Choices may vary depending on your browser and computer.

You may be wondering what you are aloud to do with these free photos.  I do have a page that gives you full instructions.  Check out terms of use here....  You'll find a link code there to use when publishing these images to another website.

If you want, come back and tell me where you have used the photos. I enjoy seeing where my photos go.  In the mean time feel free to download the pictures you will find throughout the site.

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