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Butterflies won't leave me alone !

by Ashleigh Turgeon
(Grand Haven Michigan United States)

For the past week every time I step one foot out of my house I get a butterfly fluttering in my face out of no where. It's driving me nuts.

I don't know why they keep coming or why they are in my face or keep landing on my head but it's getting to the point of being overwhelming

I can't even step out of my house to take the trash out without a butterfly chasing me down till I get to the door.

I like butterflies, don't get me wrong, but I don't understand why these butterflies are doing this. They don't bother anyone else in my family, just me. They ignore my kids and my husband.

But they just can't seem to leave me be. I just want to know why.

Some told me maybe it's your shirt has lots of colors on it.

I can be wearing all black and still have them come at me.

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Jul 31, 2018
Chub Chubs
by: Shelly

Sally, I just looked up the butterfly "thing" and came across all this. My story, I rescue dogs. I have had many, but my best buddy a mixed boxer "Chubby or Chub Chubs", I picked out and was given.

He was an amazing four legged friend. Long story short, I had him cremated. We will be scattered together some day.

I woke in the middle of the night. He was walking down the hallway straight to the bed. I reached out and petted him and he disappeared.

The next morning went out on porch and there sat a sick boxer mix puppy same color and everything.

The day Chubs passed I had actually gone out onto the porch while on phone with vet.

I knew something wasn't right with him. He held on with my husband in living room but got up and made it out to me on porch and passed.

Seconds later a yellow butterfly landed on me.

So after the puppy showed up in the same spot I named him Skipper after that yellow butterfly for Chubs.

Its been 9 years and butterflies follow me constantly I have an interesting video from last week of one that stayed on me more than twenty minutes. Then just ten minutes ago one showed up at strangest time.

Aug 07, 2017

by: Sally

Thank you Ashleigh for sharing this story. It is one that I've not heard before. I would be inclined to think that the attraction might be more fragrance based. But I am by far no expert. I wish you peace and luck in finding your solution. If they are attracted exclusively to you and no other family members perhaps pin point the difference between you and others. It could be one small thing... Good luck and again thank you.

Sally, owner of

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