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Butterfly Messengers

by Myrna Engel
(Cape Town, South Africa )

Butterfly in Glass

Butterfly in Glass

Enjoy this beautiful story of butterfly messengers. Butterflies have a way of touching everyone's lives. Myrna shares her uplifting story of the messages she has received...

I have always liked butterflies, mostly in the form of jewelery e.g. brooches, pendants and earrings and I would generally keep it personal, so as not to impose my ‘fetish’ on the men in my life - my husband and two sons.

My love for the ‘flutterby’ insects took on a new meaning, when after a spiritual growth program, I committed my life to Christ and my life has never been the same again. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Cor 5:17

I used to be prone to ‘depression’ kind of moods (as a result of a personal issue I was struggling with). Once while feeling really down and not in the mood for anything, I was encouraged by my husband, Richard, to attend a Church related workshop we had committed to, despite my ‘dark mood.’ He (Richard) believes that when we’re down, the best place to be is in God’s presence.

So that is how I ended up in Christ Church, Constantia and it was there that God “spoke” to me for the first time by using butterflies.

Even though I had started to feel better, the ‘heaviness’ was still with me when I went up to the
altar rail for communion. It was then that I looked straight into a porthole window with yes, beautiful butterflies in stained glass.

The amazing thing was that I was kneeling right opposite the window and the sun was shining through at that very moment. It felt like God was saying to me, “It’s going to be okay.”

Butterfly Messages

Since then, I’ve received many ‘messages’ where there was always a butterfly.

One such message appeared in a very strange way, I think the most incredible of all!

I was having problems at work and was receiving counseling at the time. It was during this time, when I was at home one day, feeling pretty low. I poured juice into a glass with some ice cubes and while the ice was settling, I heard a “plopping” sound. When I looked into the glass there was the most amazing thing.

Again it felt like God saying "It’s going to be okay."

My problem at the office was amicably resolved. Once again, a confirmation to me, that our God is always faithful. He promises never to leave us, nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5

The next is the latest addition to my “messengers” from God.

This butterfly just settled on my bag and stayed there, even when I carried the bag indoors. It eventually stayed there and before I could release it the next morning it died (I trust - after having served it’s purpose.)

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Jun 08, 2015
This helps!
by: Kristine

I kept seeing a small brown butterfly wherever I am. The weird thing is that it seems like it's not scared to stay within my arms. If not, I will see it all the time at my room. When I lay down, it stays besides me. Once I went out to swim, I saw a small brown butterfly, floating in the pool. Almost everyday I'm seeing such creator. I'm so bummed to know what the meaning of this. I got a lot of visions but I don't give meanings to it. Please help! :)

Oct 05, 2011
Myrna's story
by: kle

Oh, what a realization I just had. I was so touched that I came right to my computer to read what it might be. I am struggling right now with problems in my life and problems with my family.

Things have been said that are very hurtful.

While outside a butterfly landed on me and just stayed there. I truly feel that it was God doing for me what I can not do for myself.

Forgiveness is hard for me this week, but now a conviction is so heavy on my heart that I forgive and pray for their comfort, not mine. For I have been given comfort with just the landing of that butterfly.

Mar 08, 2010
My Butterfly friend
by: Jessie

The first time I heard your story, it was just amazing. It really just restores your faith all over again and for me personally, that's exactly what it did.

Over and over God speaks to us in so many different ways, or signs, incidents etc. It doesn't matter what our race or religion is, God speaks to each one in His own way.

Myrna, you are such a blessing in my life and so very dear to me. Your story is definitely a motivation for those who need guidance and light in their lives again.

Thank you Lord, for honoring me with such a beautiful person who's one of my dearest friends.

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