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Enjoy the reward of many butterfly pictures from Illinois, Virginia, and West Virginia and even as far away as California.  Fly along through flower gardens, back yards and forest preserves and sometimes even in a parking lot.

You may recall when I first started this section that I wasn't sure where to find butterflies for pictures.

Remember how I told you that my sisters rewarded me with many surprises after that of butterflies they captured in their own back yard or on walks in the neighborhood?

And after a while you, my readers began sharing your many butterfly stories.  I've loved every one of them.  They've come to make Butterfly pictures and stories one of our most popular sections.  Thank you all.

Your stories have ranged from feelings of loved ones who have passed on and come back to visit.  I read somewhere also that when a butterfly picks you it means you are making a major change in your life.  I know that was one of my experiences when I first left Chicago.  I had a butterfly land on my hand and remain their as I walked with family through the park.  

And sure enough I've made many good changes in my life since then.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture that time.  But the memory will be with me forever.

Butterfly Pictures Images From Illinois

This first butterfly is a small cabbage white butterfly.  They are quite common around here in Northern Illinois.  You can probably capture one landing on a flower or leaf every time you leave the house in the right season of the year.

The next one is a Northern Blue Butterfly.  I only know this because I looked it up.  It certainly isn't blue.  You can imagine it took me quite a bit of searching to find out what kind of butterfly this is.

Funny when I was taking the picture I was surprised to find that white butterfly turn into a brown one.  I certainly learned a lesson in patience that day as I zoomed in and out with my camera.  

I watched on my display as the butterfly would clear and blur.  I don't remember the exact distance but I'm sure I pushed my camera's zoom lens as far as it would go.

Finally in this row is a butterfly known as the Aphrodite Fritillary butterfly.  Have you ever wondered where these names come from?  I did find a site answering that very question.  You can check out The Children's Butterfly Site here...(opens in new window)

Row Two of Pictures of a Butterfly

This butterfly in flight was a fun picture to capture.  I was visiting the kids in California and we all were on our way into the library.  Suddenly we were greeted by this beautiful butterfly as it danced around a flower bush outside of the library.  

The middle brown butterfly was taken at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.  My sister and I enjoy an occasional trip there when I visit.  Sometimes it's awesome having family here and there.  Lot's of photo ops that's for sure.

Meanwhile back in Illinois, while walking in the forest preserve there I spatted the last butterfly in this row.  He is nearly the same color as the brown leaves that covered the forest path.  I was surprised to see a butterfly this late in the season to be honest.

Row Three of Butterflies

Monarch butterflies are the ones who travel thousands of miles in migration.  The first two pictures in this row were part of my grandchildren's home school project.  Mom ordered the kit from somewhere just for the purpose of educating the kids on Monarch butterflies.

And finally for now the last black butterfly picture was taken in the parking lot of the park we were about to walk in.  So take it from me, you can attract butterflies just about anywhere you are if you let them in...

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Butterfly  pictures are not always easy to come by.  And when they do you can almost bet there is a story behind that picture.  I would love to hear your stories.

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Do you have a great story about butterflies? Are they landing on your favorite butterfly bush? Pictures of butterflies are nice but how did you capture them on camera? Share it!

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