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Butterfly Prayers Are Answered

by Amy

Two months ago, my husband, who is only 36 years old, came down with a mysterious illness. This illness has left him completely bedridden.

The doctors can't figure it out. And everyday he gets worse. Needless to say this has been a very hard time for my family.

So for these past two months I've been asking God to let a butterfly land on me as a sign that he is with me and that everything will turn out OK. Day after day nothing!...that is until two days ago..

The first occurrence involved a moth, but felt it was too amazing not to share. I went outside with the hope of finding a few moments of peace and rest for my soul.

Sitting on my husband's empty patio chair was a moth with a beautiful black cross on it's back. I instantly felt that it was God showing me that I need to remember the healing power of Jesus and that all would be well.

The next day I went outside to take some bills to the mail box, and as I was walking, a butterfly landed on the mail in my hand, and just sat there. So I put my finger next to it and to my amazement it climbed on.

I stood there for a few minutes in awe of this sweet little creature who had no intention of leaving. I gently tried to place him on a fence railing and he flew away.

So I continued on to the mailbox. When I got back to the patio I sat down to enjoy some sun, and was thanking God for the beautiful butterfly and how I couldn't wait to tell my husband.

All of a sudden that same butterfly came and landed on my thumb. Joy filled my heart and I started crying, knowing that God had answered my prayer and sent this butterfly to me, to tell me that he has seen the suffering, heard my prayers, and that everything will be fine. Praise the Lord!!!

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