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Butterfly Visits While Talking About Mum

by Leonie Mullan
(Queensland Australia)

My Mother passed away recently- she was not sick,she died in her sleep- it was a big shock for all of us. A few days ago I was at my farm talking to my Mother in-law on the week end telling her of a dream I had.

In the dream I was at another family members funeral with my brother and sister. We were all crying and our Mother was holding us and grieving too. Then I remembered that Mum was, in fact, dead and I was saying that I forgot she had died as I thought she was with us.

While I was telling my Mother in law about this dream, an orange and black butterfly was sitting on my ponytail. Then it flew around me and landed on my leg, then flew around me again and landed on me again.

It was really a special moment.


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