Solo Build It! Case Studies

California Back Yard Predators

by Marilynd
(San Diego, CA)

Baby Barn Owls out for the first time.

Baby Barn Owls out for the first time.

A Coopers Hawk waits by the bird feeder for dinner while these baby barn owls venture out for the first time. We've lived here for 20+ years and this is the first year we have had so much action in our backyard.

Besides our usual hoard of song birds: finches, robins etc and mourning doves at the bird feeders - we now also have their predators.

A Coopers Hawk and his offspring, plus a pair of Barn Owls and their young have decided to hang around. It may be the mourning doves, who are not fairing so well, that has attracted them.

The baby owls actually sat out in the daytime their first day out of the owl box. As big as they are, you can tell they are babies because they are molting and if you watched them - their balance is not so good yet, and they barely fly.

The funniest sight was when the young Coopers Hawk tried to attack the young Owls that was twice his size and just bounced off!

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