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You will find that this Canadian Geese Album is like following along from baby to adult.  Come share in our adventures in the park and along the river.  

Although you may find these geese wondering around all over the globe, they actually got their name from their place of origin.  Yes Canada is where they migrated from when climates warmed up in places south.

Canadian Goose Pictures are really easy to come by. For all who love to follow the migratory Canadian Goose, I have created this page especially for you.

Enjoying A Few Details About Canadian Geese

Did you know that Canadian Geese remain with the same mate for as long as twenty years?  Each spring you can enjoy these families as babies are born.  Though they originally  are from Canada, many flocks never leave the area they are born in.

These birds seem to have become our friends. I really enjoy hearing the familiar honk of these flocks as they mark the coming of Spring and Fall.

I know you came for the pictures, so let's continue this story as we go.

Your Canadian Geese Album Adventure Starts Here...

If pictures are all you really want, just click on a thumbnail.  You will be taken into a gallery right on this page. Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons near the top of each picture to see the next image in line. To exit the gallery choose the close option in the bottom right corner. You can also click anywhere outside the image to close this window.  Download instructions are here...  But for those who know how, simply right click the thumbnail you wish to save to your computer.

Spring time is the time of year you'll see baby chicks of both Canadian Geese as well as other birds.

You will almost always find mom and dad standing close by.  

I've even seen the males screeching at any danger to their little babies.   Good luck telling which is which though.  The only differences besides the obvious is that the males are just a little larger than the females.

When you see all the birds in this Canadian geese album grouped in various gatherings, it seems odd to catch one all alone.

The truth is he isn't alone.  His parents are just outside of the lens of my camera.

I had to zoom to make that happen.  Lucky for me they were just far enough apart to allow me to single out this cute littler critter.

Here you can see their long outstretched necks as they scurry to cross our path.

All throughout early spring and toward mid summer you can enjoy watching these birds teach their young ones the essentials of survival.

This photo was taken in April.  As you can see the chicks aren't very big at all.

They are on there way to the river bank for a swim.

As you can see they made it to the river hardly any fuss at all.

Isn't it interesting how water fowl are born knowing how to swim?

I've even seen times when young ducks have taken care of each other, because predators took their moms.

In this picture I only got the parent in the rear of the line.  The other goose is in front just out of lens shot.  They were just far enough apart that all I got was his tail.  

This picture taken in early June shows just how fast these birds grow.

By autumn they will be ready to migrate with the rest of the birds to warmer weather.

Another observation here is there is not the rush to get to the other side.

These guys look to be out for a leisurely summer stroll in the park.

Once on the other side it's time to stop for lunch.

I zoomed in to get a closer look because I didn't want to disturb them.

Sometimes kids will chase the geese around the park and pick up feathers lost in the hustle.

I guess that's an easy way to gather fresh feathers for your crafts.  I'm not sure how much the geese like it though.

Here we have a lone Canadian Goose preening  in the cool river water.

Mid July can get pretty hot.  That's why Naperville River Walk is so popular.

The steady stream helps to keep the air cool as well.  And as you can see the river is not much more than a wading stream.

The birds don't mind.

This goose is just enjoying the calmness of the river.  Perhaps waiting for his or her perfect mate.

The only time you'll see Canadian geese not in pairs is when they have either not mated up or they've lost their mate.

This picture was taken in March before the baby rush.  So there is probably a mate around somewhere waiting as well.

Although Northern Illinois was never without geese, Autumn did have it's migration of all of the birds.

This flock of geese were probably some of the first to begin their travels south.

Although they are called Canadian Geese, as I've mentioned at other times, they seldom return to Canada.

As a matter of fact many of these birds have never been to Canada.

Your walk through our canadian goose album may just reveal some very interesting birds.  If you walk anywhere near a shallow lake, river, or stream, you may possibly come across any of these birds.  Heck I've even seen them walking in downtown often avoiding moving traffic.

If you do and get the chance to take a picture, why not share it in this Canadian Geese Album?  I love hearing your stories and sharing your photos.  Don't worry if you feel you can't write a complete story, I'll add what I can.  I do appreciate it when you tell me how you feel and where you took your pictures.

Tell as much as you can and I'll take care of spelling and correct placement.  You can load up to 4 photos in your post.  If you have more, I can help you with that as well.  You can pose your question inside your post or drop me a line in my easy to use contact form...  I look forward to hearing from you.

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