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Canvas Digital Prints
Created From Nature Photos

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This gallery of canvas digital prints was created using photo editor special effects. Enjoy these nature photos turned into beautiful digital art.  I created this page for the canvas print lover. See how these images would look if you printed them on canvas.

Click on the thumbnail you like best to see the larger image.  These canvas digital prints are complementory to use on your computer or to print and share.  See our easy download instructions here

I love playing with photo editing software to see what kind of digital art I can come up with.  Just like the artist with paint and canvas, I let the subject speak to me.

My favorite photo editing software is GIMP.  I'm told it is comparable to photoshop.  And I have used photoshop enough to know that there are similarities in both products.

But this has not always been the case for me.  When I first started playing with photo editing software I knew nothing.  I would usually play with whatever came with my camera.  I have to admit I had a few amazing successes.  Many of the images you will find on this page are just such works of art.  I hope you enjoy them.

Canvas Digital Prints Gallery

The first of three canvas digital prints is that of an angel walking in the woods.  Of course she isn't real but the woods are.  The wood path is located at my favorite park, the Morton Arboretum.  I then enhanced them with oil and canvas effect.

Next in the row I used the mirror effect with another photo editing software.  Again I enhanced the color with GIMP adding the canvas effect.

The last image uses multiple effects and same as the canvas to top it off.  Not all photos work well using effects.  And different artistic options work well with some photos but not so well with others.  It is fun using more than one effect to see what you can come up with.

Sometimes when you are creating digital art, one editing software is not enough.  I used multiple effects on this path in the woods picture.  First I used to create a pencil sketch effect.  

The program is nice but it is not quite as good as other software programs in enhancing colors

So I chose GIMP to enhance the color, and add a canvas artistic filter.

These nature photos look as though they were actually printed or painted on canvas.  I have printed some of these canvas digital prints on greeting card paper to give to friends and family and the effect of canvas look works best on paper of a rough texture.

Have you got a canvas digital print or two that you would like to display in a gallery for sale?

Perhaps you are looking for an even larger selection of canvas digital prints or other artwork to purchase?  I highly recommend Yessy Photo Gallery.

Canvas as an Artistic Material

If you would like digital art printed on canvas I have several pieces available at my online gallery at Imagekind.  Follow this link to Digital Art by Sally.

You can choose to have your selection printed as canvas or photo print.  You can even opt to have your favorite put on a greeting card.  There are several sizes to choose from.  

Be sure and check out the framing option too.  Framed prints arrive ready to hang.  No need to hunt all over town to find the perfect size frame.

Free Canvas Digital Picture to Download

On the large picture above you can download by a simple right click of your mouse.  With a Mac you can click your mouse while clicking the control key to get this menu.

Choose "save image" or "download image".  On the Mac you would choose "save linked file to Downloads".

Choices may vary depending on your browser and computer.

How To Use Pictures From Creations By Sally

Benefits Include:

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  • Websites - Place the images on your own personal website. All I ask is that you give Creations by Sally, credit for the source.
  • Slideshow - Each album gives you the option to "View Slideshow". Simply open an album and choose the slideshow option and site back to enjoy each image in that album.

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