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Cheap Wall Art How to Buy it, 
Create it, And Even Sell It

If you think cheap wall art means you have to settle for less, I'm here to poke a hole or two in that theory.  Throughout this section you will find ideas for home decoration using more love than you do money.  

And if you are an artist or photographer looking to sell art online, you're sure to find your imagination squirming to get started. 

Are you looking for wall art that won't break the bank?  

Thanks to the world of computers and reprints this wish is as close as your fingertips.   

Decorating Using Cheap Wall Art Creations

Here's an idea that may be a little fun to play with.  If you have kids, I bet they would love creating wall decorations using recycled art.  

That just means taking things lying around that have outgrown their original intended usefulness and putting them together in an art form.

Kids have awesome imaginations, why not give them a fun way to use their creativity  to decorate their room?

Wall Calendars as Expressions of Your Creativity

If you like the beautiful wall calendars that include nature pictures, here is an idea.  Take apart your outdated wall calendars and make a collage on poster board.

I would use something like Mod-Podge to glue them on.  This gives them a glossy protection that lasts for years.

Put it in a photo frame or even a poster frame and there you have it.  

Flower Images Make Super Wall Additions - Click the thumbnails to enjoy each collection...

Use Your Favorite Photo to Create Your Own Cheap Wall Art

Praying Mantis on Canvas From ImagekindPraying Mantis on Canvas - Turning Photo To Art

Here is another cool idea.   Go from photo to art with any of your favorite photographs.  You can find many photo editing software downloads  that make creating art from your favorite  shots as easy as a click of the mouse.  

And most of them include special effects that you can use to turn that photo into a water color, chalk and charcoal, pencil sketch or even an abstract art.

This praying mantis decided to light on the hood of my rental car one summer afternoon.  I was visiting my daughter in West Virginia.  Now what are the odds of that?  It road with us as I backed out of my parking space completely unbeknownst to us.  

Then when I noticed it, I pulled over and grabbed my camera.  There was no time to focus or adjust lighting.  And on that day I was driving a bright yellow car that reflected the sun's glare.

So you can imagine the original photo was not one of my best.  But the pose of this beautiful creature was too good to just delete.

I used and the art options to create this lovely Praying Mantis Pencil Sketch.  

Your results will not be the same as mine.  As a matter of fact every creation I try with the artistic options of this software have different results.

If your heart moves you, you can buy this image on canvas or photo print from my Imagekind online gallery.  Framing is optional.  

Thanks to places like Imagekind, Zazzle and more you can own a canvas print that is a fraction of the cost of an original.  

Photos Inspire Artists Too

My sister Dodie painted this hibiscus flower using one of my flower pictures.  Now that may be considered double flower art.  But I think I love her rendition more than the photo she used to inspire it.

No matter how you create it, you are sure to come up with some of your own cheap wall art that will spark inspiration every time you look at them.  

What do you think?

Pages of Cheap Wall Art Sparks The Imagination

One of my favorite places to walk is through the many forest paths in whatever location I'm in.  This forest path was taken in Naperville, IL.  There is a small part of the walk that winds through a lovely little forest.

If you like forest paths too and are looking for some of that cheap wall art, click on the image to your left and take your pick.  

So while you're in that forest maybe you decide to get up close and hug a tree.  I know I often felt that way.

This close up of a pine cone cluster peaked my curiosity.  You can almost smell the pine, can't you?

While we're checking out art for home or even to use as homeschooling tools let's remember nut trees too.  

These were new additions to our favorite park in Illinois.  My friend said they might be pecans.  But when I looked up pecans they are not the right shape.

To me they look like maybe walnuts.  But then the trees were not much more than 7 feet tall.  If you know what kind of tree fruit these might be please comment and let us know.  

No matter what type of nut they are, they are still lovely pictures for sharing and enjoying.

Photoshop Effects Bring Your Artwork To Life

If you are creative with your own photo editing software, maybe you are interested in creating your own canvas digital prints using photoshop effects. The pictures you'll find on this page were created by me using my own software and the Canvas artistic effect.  

I can't say for sure that it was photoshop that I used.  The images were done years ago.

Feel free to print them out and frame them for your wall.  You will probably only get a good quality 8 x 10 but that frames up nicely to complement larger images or fit in small spaces.

Creating Digital Art From Your Own Photos

Photo Edited Lake SceneLake Scene Becomes Digital Art Sample

Are you more interested in how you can create digital art yourself?  Then you will want to read this article to get some clear ideas.

I have played with many different methods for creating digital art and I share those tools with you here.  I've found that the most important factor when doing anything on your computer is to have fun.

I really think these machines have a contract with the Universe and that Law of Attraction thing.  If you feel good, your computer works wonders.  If you are uptight, well I don't think I need to tell you what can happen.  So have fun with it and you will be creating your own cheap wall art in no time at all.

Cheap Wall Art Available In A Variety
of Prints For Your Home Decorating 

These Autumn Prints are sold through our partners.  You can choose your favorite by visiting this page.

These are our most popular prints on Creations by Sally.  What makes autumn prints so popular I wonder.  Is it their brilliant color?

I know they are sure to brighten any room or office all year round.  

Fall seems to be the most popular season of the year.  Trees compete with early spring in their color display.

The temperatures are just cooling down after those long hot summers.  Kids love jumping in that newly gathered pile of leaves.  Here is a selection of re-prints from famous artists that you can choose to bring a little autumn into your living room.

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