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Coopers Rock WV  Album 

About State Park Named After Fugitive Who Made It His Home

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Coopers Rock WV album is full of pictures that follow many paths. Come walk along with us through the State Park and its legendary paths that was home to a fugitive who made it his home.

Your first visit to Coopers Rock will certainly not be your last.  When we went the first time it was as a family and I was a teen.  I fell in love with the rocks and caves inside.

There is just enough height to the rocks that a small child feels as if they are climbing Mount Everest.  They giggle, run and climb looking down on parents from above.

As a matter of fact, our family is so fond of the memories we built there that we had our annual family reunion in these beautiful scenic hills of West Virginia three years in a row.

Legend is what this park may be named for but mother nature makes it beautiful.  You will enjoy stunning trails to walk along.  Overlook rock is breathtaking as you view fog rolling up the hills all around.

This is one family vacation your kids will carry with them for the rest of their days.

Your Coopers Rock WV Album Adventure Begins Here...

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To exit the gallery choose the close option in the bottom right corner. You can also click anywhere outside the image to close this window.  

When you are finished with Coopers Rock WV Album continue reading a little more about this wonderful adventure that is just one of West Virginia's many State Parks.

Multiple Overlooks Present
Panoramic View of Cheat River Gorge

There is a legend that says this park was named after a fugitive who hid from the law among these rocks.  He was a Cooper by trade.  he later took to making barrels and selling to the local community...and so the name Coopers Rock State Forest

The many overlooks throughout the park provide panoramic photo opportunities.  I guarantee you won't find another view like them anywhere else.

As you might guess autumn leaves present themselves in a fantastic light.  Before you fall colors stretch for miles.  In the right sunlight the hills can appear to be on fire.

Winter presents a whole new adventure for snow lovers.  Every trail is open to cross-country skiing.  But there are three trails designated just for skiers ranging from Easy to Advanced.

Most of the photos in Coopers Rock WV album like this one of the overlook were taken in summer.  From above you can see miles of trees lining the Cheat River Gorge.  In summertime you can see fishing boats of all sizes.

Hunting and Fishing are both permitted in season.  But as you may guess hunting is off limits in the areas designated for hiking, skiing and camping.

Speaking of camping, they have cabins, cottages and campgrounds.  All are pet friendly too.  We saw a couple of dogs walking the trails with their masters during this year's family reunion.

Many of the trails are secluded and dark as you can see in this coopers rock wv album.  You will need special lighting to capture the best digital nature photos.

This photo to the left is too light from the sky light above but I couldn't resist taking a picture of the overlook from down below.

The rock is so huge you feel very small in comparison.  If there are people above, they will appear equally small to you.  There is actually a man waving to me from above.  He is barely visible even in the original photo.

Coopers Rock Offers Over 50 Trails to Enjoy

Trails will lead you between giant rock formations.  Often you get to see trees that are growing right up the sides.  It's a wonder how they've managed to survive.  They remind me of a giant Bonsai Garden planted by God.

I really don't think you will find a better place for family vacations.  

Coopers rock wv album shows you that these parks are nature at their best.

Climbing Rocks Along Rattlesnake Trail

The kids had a ball running off and finding paths that lead to the tops of these rocks.  There is something invigorating about looking down on friends and family below.

That big bush growing up behind the kids is a mature Rhododendron.  Much of West Virginia soil is rocky.  But that doesn't seem to stop these hardy bushes.  This particular version of the bush is evergreen. 

In coopers rock wv album you saw a picture I took of tree roots growing above along the path.

Many of the trails are lined with tree roots like the ones in this picture.  I was struck by the resemblance of the roots to a snake moving along the ground.

It was just a coincidence that we were on Rattlesnake Trail when I took the picture.  One thing you may want to be sure of when taking photographs in forests is to be prepared for low light picture taking.  Many digital camera's have a light meter when you use the manual setting.

They all have flash.  But I find that when you must revert to flash, often the color is just not the same.  It becomes a catch 22 really.  Because low light often produces pictures with a lot of digital noise.

Using your flash will take care of that problem giving you clean clear pictures.  With point and shoot cameras the decision is made for you.  That's why many people prefer them.

The most important part of your visit to Coopers Rock WV album is the fun you will have.  

When you actually visit the park and you just want to enjoy your walk choose the easiest to use camera.  Your memories will be great ones no matter what type of camera you take with you.

Rhododendron And Mountain Laurel
Bloom in May And June

May and June are the best times to enjoy these flowers as they cover the hillsides.  You'll get a glimpse of them in some odd places at times.

Notice how this Rhododendron Bush seems to be growing right up out of the rocks.  A walk down the trail reveals dirt below.      

This nature shot was taken from the bridge to the parks main Overlook. I'll have to go back and get some flower pictures around May or June.  That's the best time of year to see them in bloom.  You might even catch site of Mountain Laurel that is abundant in these hills.

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