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If you are looking for crane bird pictures then you have come to the right place.  I am always searching the skies for cranes.

They are some of the most fascinating birds, don't you think?  Their wing span is approximately 70 inches.  That is over 5 feet.

At least that is the information I've read.  Once, though, while walking in the park we had an opportunity to see one fly off away from us.  

He was close enough to touch and his wings spread across the width of the creek.  They were wider than my 5 foot height.  Hmmm, wonder if they are growing?

Information about wingspan and height of cranes was obtained from

The summer of 2009 we met an avid bird watcher in the park.  She happened to be president of one of the local Bird Watcher clubs.  

She told us about a park that was turned into a bird sanctuary.  It had one of Illinois' largest selection of bird migrations every spring.  And one of their proudest is the Heron Rookery.

Crane Bird Pictures Gallery Begins In A Rookery

In case you're not familiar, a rookery is what they call a bird's nesting area.  Best of all this sanctuary is close to home.  So you can imagine, I spent a wonderful spring getting as many pictures as my camera would hold.

Isn't it funny the way we attract the very things we are thinking about?  The day we were told about this Heron Rookery, I had just been taking pictures of a white egret as it fished in the lake.  

It was early spring and he was the first to show up for the season.  I was wondering where their nesting place was just moments before we met our birdwatcher friend.

It became the year I captured my most crane bird pictures.  And it was one of my best spring and summers in Northern Illinois.

Build A Shelf To Protect Your Fish In Backyard Ponds

Notice the dance the Great Blue in the first image is performing.  He is stalking fish in the Dupage River that runs through the Naperville, IL Riverwalk.  

Great Blue's return there every spring and if you keep your eyes open, you are sure to get a few crane bird pictures of your own.

Cranes are natural fishing birds.  That is their food source.  One look at these pictures shows this for sure.

I have had people contact me asking how they can protect their fish from cranes.  These huge birds have been known to empty a full supply of fish from backyard ponds.

You may consider giving your fish a place to hide.  

One way of keeping your fish safe is by providing some where for them to hide when predators like cranes come around.

Build a simple shelf above the bottom of the pond.  This could be as simple as rocks piled with an overhang for the fish to swim around.

Free White Egret Picture to Download

Crane bird pictures make lovely additions to your home decorating too.  On the large picture above you can download by a simple right click of your mouse.  With a Mac you can click your mouse while clicking the control key to get this menu.

Choose "save image" or "download image".  On the Mac you would choose "save linked file to "Downloads"". Choices may vary depending on your browser and computer.

Throughout this page I've talked of cranes, blue herons and egrets as if they are in the same family of birds.  They may well be in the same family.  But there are a few differences between them.

Crane birds necks are shorter.  They fly with their necks straight out.  Unlike Herons and egrets who are often seen with their necks curved like an S. Cranes also have shorter beaks.

Unfortunately, I have never actually come upon a crane to photograph.  If you have, this would be a good place to share your own story and pictures.

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