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My sons gift

The day I buried my 26 year old son, this butterfly sat on my finger for twenty two minutes. It stayed there even while I was moving.

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On my head.

I was standing in line to get on a ride at a Raleigh NC PARK with my wife and two young granddaughters when a brown butterfly flew around us and then

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Visit from heaven

I just got married back in September. My favorite uncle Art passed away. He lived in Grayling Mi. Every year the new husband's family has a family reunion

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Visit from My Terry

It had been 4 months since my heartbreak from the unexpected death of my best friend, soulmate, life partner, my Terry, My Sweet T. I was attending my

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Love 💘

Just came to say good morning.

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Visit from heaven

I just got married back in September, 2019. My favorite uncle, Art, passed away. He lived in Grayling MI. Every year my new husband's family have a

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Gives me Butterflies..

While hanging out by the pool on June 28,2019..A beautiful butterfly kept circling me. I reached out my hand. It landed in the palm of my hand. It

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Saved a butterfly the next day a school of butterflies landed on me

Here is a memory that is so surreal. I'm 27 now and this happened when I was 9 or 10. I've been telling people this story my whole life and I'm pretty

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Me And My Beautfil Friend

I picked up a brown and black butterfly on may my out of the house. It was lying on the floor in the hallway. I almost stepped on it. I picked it up,

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Enjoying National Parks Across The USA

Exploring national parks across the usa. Nature at its best.

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