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Daffodils in Fields and Gardens
Some Call Them Jonquils

Daffodils are sure to be around at the beginning of April dancing in fields and gardens everywhere. Some people refer to them as Jonquils. These beautiful flowers are some of the most popular of the early spring season.

I feel so uplifted after the winter blahs to walk in the parks and see all of the beautiful yellow flowers blooming in field, forest and along the rivers.   They are a hardy bulb that is easily adapted to many locations.

Spring bulbs are some of my favorite garden flowers.  They are the easiest to plant and take care of.  You might have to separate and replant every once in a while.  But that is about the hardest care they need.

You plant them in the fall and they take root over the winter.  Then in the spring they will be popping up before any flower in your garden.  There is nothing like a fresh spring bloom to get your blood pumping after a long winter's nap.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy some of these lovely flowers as much as I do.

Watch These Daffodils And Shine

Spring flowers are some of my favorite.  After a long winter it's so refreshing to see some of these early riser popping their heads up through brown leaves and soil.

They just look as if they are ready to sing to the heavens appreciation for the warmth of the season.  Snow is melted and ice a thing of the past.  This leaves soil perfect for leaves to push through.

The botanical name for the flower is Narcissus.  Say wasn't that the name of the guy who fell in love with his reflection? 

Anyway, when you are looking on the internet for these flowers it would be a good idea to put the word Narcissus in your search.

Jonquils make excellent cut flowers.  They also do very well in containers. 

My mom grew plants in containers that few would imagine doing.  She once had a yellow daffodil growing in a glass slipper.  It was decorated in what is known as blue delft design.

The collection of blooms you see on this page were growing mostly in wooded areas around my favorite park.  Since the trees had no leaves yet, there was plenty of sun to greet these lovely flowers.

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