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Daisy Pictures,
The Composite Family of Flowers

What do daisy pictures have to do with composite flowers?  Take a really close look at these flowers and you'll see.  Notice how each one appears to have a center made up of a cluster of very tiny flowers.  They are a composite or collection of flowers coming together to form one flower.

Have you ever picked the petals off of a daisy chanting the phrase, "He/she loves me.  He/she loves me not."?  

The story goes that whatever you say when you pull off the last petal will tell you if your love is returned.  And so every young heart would pluck with growing anticipation hoping that final petal was "he/she loves me."

But daisies have many more uses than predicting our true love.  Daisies are among the largest family of flowers.  The composite family of flowers is the largest species of flowers on earth.  They are also known as the "Daisy Family".

Daisy Pictures Gallery 
Common Daisy Family Flowers

If you look closely at the button like centers of these flowers you will be able to see the tiny flowers.  These produce many seeds.  They may be provided with bristles, prickles or soft hairs.  These aid in the distribution of even more flowers.

First in this set are sunflower pictures.  Sunflowers are popular just about everywhere.  Read all about sunflowers and some of their most useful qualities here...  

This year I noticed a new breed in town.  The birds seem to love them.

And a daisy collection would not be complete without the black-eyed susan.  These flowers have a very tightly clustered center that is dark brown.  

A quick glance and they almost look like a round ball in the middle of each flower.  They are very popular and dress up many flower beds.

Another member of the daisy family is the Gerbera Daisy.  These flowers are related to the sunflower according to  

Do a quick search in google for gebera or even gerber daisy.  You'll find lot's of information.

Each of the thumbnails in this gallery will take you to a full page of daisy pictures to enjoy and read about each family member.  Have fun and see you back here.

You may wear your virtues as a crown, As you walk through life serenely, And grace your simple rustic gown With a beauty more than queenly. Though only one for you shall care, One only speak your praises; And you never wear in your shining hair, A richer flower than daisies.

Author: Phoebe Cary
Source: The Fortune in the Daisy

A Few Unusual Flowers Join Daisy Pictures

Most flowers in the daisy family have flat pedals called rays.  These rays surround the flowers in a circle.  The inner flowers are the disk or center of the daisy. Each flower is then supported by a small cluster of leaves called bracts.  

But these following flowers show there are exceptions to every rule.

Like many of the composite family of flowers, the chicory does double duty in many ways.  Some enjoy the nutty flavor that chicory gives to coffee.  And some people even go so far as to use chicory as a coffee substitute.  But the flowers have another interesting use.  Read more about chicory and it's healing properties in this section.

I was really surprised to find out that dandelions are also part of the daisy family.  The common center is not there.  And the dandelion is really full of surprises.  Did you know that every part of the dandelion is edible?  Read all about dandelions and enjoy dandelion pictures in this section.

A Few More Daisy Pictures To Round Out Your Collection

Everyone loves summer flowers and the beautiful pictures you can take.  Now on those rainy days, when you are forced to stay inside, you can still brighten your day with this collection of images.

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