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Enjoy desktop wallpaper in a variety of settings.  Collect your favorites to use on your computer.

When you go searching online for your favorite topic, you are met with literally thousands of options.  By some miracle you found your way to Creations by Sally.  I'm so glad you did!

I hope it is desktop wallpaper that brought you to this page.  If so, then you will surely enjoy a ride like few will share.  Yes you can expect to find over a 1,000 free images.

But you will also find how to tips for getting the most out of every image you find here.  Shall we begin?

Gather up these free scenic pictures for your personal computer.  This is your chance to take a walk in the park any time of day.

Throughout these pages you will find literally thousands of images that will make excellent desktop wallpapers for your computer.

Scenic Pictures Make Some of
The Best Desktop Wallpaper

Notice the caption on this first thumbnail?  The light colored text means it is a link.  If you click the link you will be taken to a new page.  

There you can download usually six to nine images.  I keep the number of images down for each page so they will load faster.

Once on any page that has a selection of images to download just follow the directions there for easiest process.

Clicking on the thumbnails on the page is the same process.  Your chosen images will open in a new window gallery.  There you can scroll, or even play them as a slide show.  You can also download the images you see on this page unless they are images for sale.  Those are only thumbnail size.

Each thumbnail on this desktop wallpaper page works the same.  Once on that page you can download the ones that will serve your needs.  Let me explain...

Are you looking for autumn wallpaper?  Is autumn one of your favorite times of year.  I know I often hear people say that fall is the best time of year because the colors are brilliant and the temperatures are mild.

If that describes you, then click on the autumn wallpaper thumbnail to pick out those fall images that spark your interest.

Maybe you prefer winter.  I can't say I agree.

But I do enjoy taking lots of winter wallpaper created from these snow pictures. Just the right temperatures creates perfect snow for lovely winter wallpaper.

I had the greatest advantage of spending a few years in Northern Illinois.  

During that time you can imagine I had many chances to take a lot of snowy walks.

Perhaps you simply love nature, like I do.  You've even taken a few pictures yourself and would like to know how to turn them into computer background or desktop wallpaper.

Learn these easy steps for creating beautiful nature wallpaper. This is the place to find all the desktop backgrounds you could ask for.  I've included a few computer background pages you may enjoy browsing around in also.

Desktop Wallpaper Pictures Can Also Be Used To
Entertain While Your Computer Sleeps

Enjoy your favorite flower wallpaper today. You may call them desktop wallpaper, computer backgrounds, or just know them as the image that sits behind your computer's main work space. This page tells you how you can easily set up your own collection of flower backgrounds.

Walk through a sea of wildlife wallpaper where you will find a snake feeder in tall grasses, a hawk scoping the lay of the land, a praying mantis stopping by just to say hi and  more.

So far every desktop wallpaper image has been free for the taking.  They are here for your viewing and sharing pleasure.  All I ask is that you link back to Creations by Sally giving credit to Sally Stoneking, the photographer, creator, owner.  That's not a bad price to pay, is it?

I realize there are times when you might need high resolution wallpaper.  You will find such images scattered throughout my site.  I do have to pay my rent, you know.

The photos that are for sale are well marked so you won't be blind sided.  They are delivered electronically so you have instant access.  And they all come with an unlimited, royalty free commercial license.

Continuing With Those Free Desktop Wallpaper Images

Okay, let's get back to those free desktop wallpapers you came to enjoy.  Here is a sample of one of my favorite wildflower wallpapers.

This wildflower is also known as Deadly Nightshade.  You can see them growing along lakes, and in forests.  The flowers are very tiny.

You may prefer calling these photos computer wallpaper.  Whatever you call them, they are sure to please the eye.  My brother once commented on a trip along the Pacific Ocean this way, "It's like eye candy.", he said.

If you are looking for even more free creations by Sally, this is the place you will find them. You'll find hundreds that are free to use today. I update and add more regularly. So even if you've been here before, you might want to check it out again.

You may be wondering what you are aloud to do with these free photos. I do have a page that gives you full instructions. Check out terms of use here.... You'll find a link code there to use when publishing these images to another website.

If you want, come back and tell me where you have used the photos. I enjoy seeing where my photos go. In the mean time feel free to download the pictures you will find throughout Creations by Sally.

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