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Digital Art Pictures Make Home Decorating Fun And Easy

The age of digital art is here to stay.  The good news is home decorating is easier and more fun than ever. Enjoy these art prints used by enhancing nature photos with photo editing software. See how you can create your own.

Digital art can be purely computer-generated, or taken from another source, such as a scanned photograph, or an image drawn using vector graphics software using a mouse or graphics tablet.

The term is usually reserved for art that has been non-trivially modified by a computer; digitized text data and raw audio and video recordings are not usually considered digital art in themselves, but can be part of a larger project.

But when you put your imagination and your favorite photo editing software together, you will be pleasantly surprised in the results.  Each of the samples on this page were created this way.  

I would love to see some of your creations.  Please feel free to share by using the form at the bottom of this page.  

For now, let's see some examples of ways you can enhance your own creativity.

Digital Art Pictures Using Different Effects

Embossed Photo Effects...

Every photo editing software has some type of artistic selections that vary in application.  Many of them are free.  Some of them can get pretty expensive.

I've tried photoshop which is one of the most popular of purchase photo editing softwares.  Some believe it to be the best.  

I used GIMP to create this example of embossed prints.  It was easy as pick and chose a few levels.  

Canvas Digital Prints

Canvas effect is pretty much the same now as it used to be.  Creating digital art with photo editing software can be as simple as choosing an artistic effect available in almost every photo editing software.

Many artists use a more detailed method called vector art.  My sister shared some of her creations with me.  I will be sharing them with you very soon.

In the mean time why not enjoy some of the free canvas digital prints you'll find on this page.  Simply click on the image above to get there.

Canvas effect is nothing like the real thing though.  Unless you can find canvas sheets to print your edited photos on, they often look just like grainy pictures.

Using Special Effects To Create Digital Art

Color Splash On Rose turning Photo to Art

Here's a little trick I found for turning photos to digital art.  Clicking on the image here will take you to my article on turning your photos to art.  This picture is an example of a method called photo splash.  It's fun and quite stunning results.

Of course there are times when you may want to draw a picture.  You can use a number of flower pictures to do just that.  Or walking in the park to find that perfect scene to get your imagination flowing.

You might also want to check out my Hibiscus Flower Album too.  It's got quite a few lovely flowers that are a favorite of many for drawing, painting or simply enjoying in your day as you pass by that hanging on the wall.

Lake Picture Using Black And White Chalk Effect 
Click image to find more prints to choose from...

Black and white prints are easier now too.  Remember when black and white was your only option.  Now it seems black and white is coming back in style.

And with photo editing software you can have the best of both worlds.  I have taken pictures with my camera using the black and white setting producing black and white pictures.

I've taken them in color and turned them to black and white using photo software.  I don't see a big difference.  But it is nice to have the option on your camera just in case you don't have access to a computer to use photo editing software.

It's All About Photo Editing Made Easy...

All of the samples and tips on this page are truly just basic tasks you may choose to enjoy.  Many people I've talked to say it's a dreadful task.

But truthfully anyone can play with photo editing.   And don't forget you can always close your image and choose to not save.  

Then go back in and try different options.  I've learned many things just by trial and dump.  And sometimes I've come up with some pretty snazzy keepers.  And you can too.  I hope you'll share when you do.

Another aspect of creating digital art is that of resizing photos.   I've have friends tell me that this is the hardest part for them.  In this article I walk you through the process step by step.  You'll find it's easier than you thought.   

Taking Photos As Digital Art 

What better way to bring your digital world to life than with autumn leaves prints.

Click this image to see a collection of prints that will knock your socks off.

Well maybe maybe not.  But I've chosen some of my favorite photos around the theme of autumn and placed them in a gallery.  You can see them by clicking on that tempting lamp post surrounded by autumn leaves.

Albums for you to explore...

Every ornamental tree comes with a story behind it.  Not only are they beautiful to look at but they get those creative juices flowing too.

Why not take advantage of my generosity and use these photos to create your own digital art collection?   And if you feel moved to do so, I invite you to share your pictures on this page.

Here's a fun way to create your own art pictures.  Find them on your own nature walks or create them in a number of ways.

Or you can just enjoy the ones I've created here in this assorted art album. 

One of our favorite things to do while on a long road trip is to look up at the sky and call out what we see.  It's fun and keeps everyone happy.

Sky pictures you might say are art from our higher Source...

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