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If you are looking for digital photography success, I would like to share something with you.  Most of the time I am cautious when it comes to E-books and their sales pages.  So many of them look like they were created by copy and paste.  The authors take time to change the name of the product and not much more.

Digital Photography Success Offers More

One look at Amy Renfrey's sales page and you will see an amazing difference.  The most stunning feature about Amy and her E-Book is her over delivery.

Your Greatest Chance of Success is a Full Package

This book is more than just an E-book.  You might call it a mini course all by itself.  Amy has divided the book into several ebooks adding up to 450 pages of fantastic fun and learning.

Digital Photography Success Main Book

The main book is divided into two parts:

  • Part One:  takes you from getting started with digital photography to picking the best digital camera to buy.
  • Part Two:  gets into the artistic side of picture taking.  Little tips from how to get the best night shots to composition to creating real works of art.

Advanced Digital Photography

This part of the book package covers a more advanced approach to digital photography.  Once you read this book you may well be ready to sell your photographs.

The thing I like most about Amy?s writing is her style. She has an easy to follow personal approach. 

 She takes all that camera jargon and makes it easy to understand.

Normally I try not to get into the technical end of picture taking.  But when I read that you could take post card quality pictures with a little 2-mega-pixel camera, she had my attention! The guaranteed success or it's free didn't hurt either.

If I had one thing to complain about it would be the enormous amount of information to go through.  But Amy makes up for that in breaking things up into small readable chunks.

Digital Photo Presentation

Now that you've taken the pictures, what's next?  Here is where Amy helps you through the steps of getting your pictures from the camera to your computer

Be sure and read the cautions you can easily find along the way.  That is a nice touch throughout the book you can easily find little tips and warnings about things to watch out for.

Digital Photography in Abstract

Here is where you can take your digital photography success to a whole new level.  Come along while you stretch the imagination and create some really fun art.

Five Most Popular Scenarios in Digital Photography

What better way to find digital photography success than mastering the five most popular areas?  This book includes extensive chapters on:

  1.  Wedding Photography
  2.  How to Take Clear Photos of The Moon
  3.  Astrophotography
  4.  Macro Photography (Now this is my favorite chapter!  I love getting up close to nature with my camera.)
  5.  Portraight Photography

Exposture Charts

The final book in this package may be the best of all.  These charts make understanding the ISO settings and exposure settings a lot easier to swallow.

Monthly EMagazine Also Available

As you can see Digital Photography Success is geared to be ready at any stage you are.  If you are just beginning your digital photography exploration then you can start there.

If you consider yourself advanced and are looking for tips to improve your photography then Advanced Digital Photography Success is your best choice.

If you're like me and like to keep up on all the latest tips on a regular basis then you'll definitely want to subscribe for Amy's monthly Emagazine. 

You can even choose a deep discount total package, by far the best option!

The Courage to Take Pictures In Manual Mode

Since I bought my first digital camera, I realized that I have actually been stuck in the automatic mode.  I knew my camera had a manual mode but I just felt it was too complicated to even try it.

And now I find myself discovering new options almost every time I pick up my digital camera.  I still like the automatic options of a good camera.  But for the first time ever I feel totally confident in switching to the more complicated options that my camera offers.

I took a free class in digital photography while my husband and I were on a cruise.  I learned a few good tips and had fun in the process.  But the one thing that stuck with me that this teacher said was, "If you only use the automatic button on your camera, you've just bought yourself a very expensive point and shoot."

I had to chuckle at myself and realized that's exactly what I had been doing before I found Amy.

Are you read to be the best photographer you can be?  Be sure and check out this series of books for yourself.   You can read more about creating your own Digital Photography Success here...

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