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This duck photos album contains a selection of photos taken in Northern IL and CA parks.  Spring is a fun time of year to go out taking pictures of ducks.  This is the time of year when you are sure to see chicks following momma down the river.

Now in 2014 I'm updating this album to include a winter and even summer season pictures.

Occasionally you will see male and female ducks together.  But they don't always stay together after the babies are born.  Then it is more common to see the female watching of hatchlings till they are able to be on their own.

Under each duck photos album picture on this page I will tell a little story in description about the photo as I remember them.

Each thumbnail you see here opens into a gallery right on this page. Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons near the top of each picture to see the next image in line. To exit the gallery choose the close option in the bottom right corner. You can also click anywhere outside the image to close this window.

If you are a return reader, you may have read where I crashed my external drive a few years ago.

My loss has been your gain, really.  I was able to have my son recover most of the photos.  But there are still many that have been lost forever.

This is one occasion I learned a lesson the hard way.  Because of the nature of computer recovery, the names of all pictures were lost.  As I sift through the 1,000's of unnamed images I share what I feel you will enjoy.  

Your Free Duck Photos Album Starts Here...

On one visit to California, the kids and I went walking in a local park.

There we enjoyed the bluest lake I've ever seen.  I wondered if there was not some coloring added to make it so blue.

It was obviously a man-made lake because there was a fountain almost in the middle.

That didn't stop these ducks from enjoying a swim in the sun, though.

When Mikki began her second or third flock of birds in the family backyard chicken area, she decided to include a few mallard ducks.

Research revealed that often if ducks are hatched and raised in with the chickens that they will stay at least for a while.

And if circumstances are right, they will return each year even if they do fly off.

These few mallards are beginning to show collar in their feathers and it's getting easier to tell male from female.

Here we get to watch as this game of follow the leader ensues.

Now you can see where the phrase getting all of your ducks in a row came from.

Just out of site and picture range is the leader of this row of ducks.

I believe they were off to enjoy feeding time with the chickens.

Standing next to the water pan is a Rock Hen.  They are considered the best eating chickens.  

One thing is certain, they really get big.  And they were fun to watch chase the females all over the chicken yard.

But this page isn't about them it is about the ducks that mingled with them just like one of the flock.

They all gathered in the same places.

But they didn't always stay together.  As you can see, ducks did tend to flock together 

So what we had was groups of ducks and groups of hens all gathered to combine in common areas of the yard.

Always you could be certain to find a rooster or two watching over the whole of this little family.

Back to that brilliant blue water in California.

This white duck was part of the others but I zoomed in on it just because.

The sun was really bright this day so the quality of the pictures are not perfect.

But composure and story are fun and what this duck photos album is about.

Winter time usually means most birds fly south for the winter.

You can see arrow shaped groups of them flying overhead as the cooler weather approaches.

But just as there is migration, there are also those who linger behind.

This female mallard on the river's edge is just one stray who decided to stay and see what life was like I guess.

Spring ensures the arrival of a whole new generation to add to our duck photos album.  

Male and female gather to create these lovely young babies to raise over the summer

But spring means you get to enjoy babies everywhere.

One spring I just missed a shot of a hawk swooping down for his idea of enjoying those babies.

The ones that survive begin changing feathers in stages throughout the summer.

It is amazing how quickly they grow and change.

One summer I remember seeing two apparent hatches in one season. 

It appeared that two babies were left to fend for themselves.  One was definitely older but yet not quite an adult.  She lead around baby teaching as if she had done so all her life.

Your walk in the park may just reveal some very interesting birds that you think might fit well in this duck photos album.  If you walk anywhere new a shallow lake, river, or stream that holds fish, you may possibly come across any of these birds.  

If you do and get the chance to take a picture, why not share it here?  I love hearing your stories and sharing your photos.  Don't worry if you feel you can't write a complete story, I'll add what I can.  I do appreciate it when you tell me how you feel and where you took your pictures.

Tell as much as you can and I'll take care of spelling and correct placement.  You can load up to 4 photos in your post.  If you have more, I can help you with that as well.  You can pose your question inside your post or drop me a line in my easy to use contact form...  I look forward to hearing from you.

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