Solo Build It! Case Studies

Eastern-tailed blue BFF

by Bridget S

Floating in my pool, I had this beauty land on me and hang out for about fifteen minutes crawling on my hand, sitting on my swim shorts and then perching on my eyelid.

She flew away but returned and hung out for over an hour.

She actually returned to my eye and I got a picture. I walked back to my house and put her on a butterfly friendly plant and took a few more pics. I can't believe she wouldn't fly away.

My son is leaving for college in another state, I turn 46 in October and consider that to be a solid half way point in life, my husband just had open heart surgery, and we are talking about retirement to Wisconsin in the next two years.

So I feel like this was a moment to be present and bring joy and stillness to my life while being open to change and the opportunity to take in what life brings with an open mind and open heart. (No pun intended ;) )

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