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Evergreen Trees Album Full of Photos For Sharing And Enjoying

Enjoy this evergreen trees album if you're looking for a little more green. No matter what season you enjoy the most, you can always count on Evergreens to remain the same.

You may also enjoy decorating them at least during one season of the year.  These trees can be found in homes all around during the month of December.  Myself I prefer taking pictures of nature's wonders.  How about you?

Readers would love to see your favorites too.  Christmas joys are always welcome here.

In the meantime, take a peek at the album below.  Just click on the first thumbnail and a window will pop up.

View the next image by clicking the top right side of that photo.  Go back by clicking the left side.  Clicking anywhere outside the image will bring you back to this page.

Your Evergreen Trees Album Adventure Begins Here...

I was able to take pictures for this evergreen trees album at just about every park we visited throughout my time there.  The first picture in this row was taken from the Herrick lake forest path.

Image number two was taken at Morton Arboretum.  

And finally in this row we were walking at the Blackwell forest preserve.  I was always impressed by the amount of parks and places to walk in Northern Illinois.

You never know where you might find an evergreen tree.  Of course sometimes the seasonal weather in some locations make a difference.

Most of the pictures in this evergreen trees album were taken in Illinois.  But the middle tree here I took while visiting family in California.

Pine cones come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  So do the type of pine needles on evergreen trees.

Notice how the first two pictures of pine cones take on the shape of their name.  But the third tree's pine cones are more round

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