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Everyone has a passion for something.

Maybe you love walking in nature, writing stories or poetry, talking to people, taking photographs and sharing these things with others.

You may love working on your computer and creating new web pages to share with readers.

What does passion mean to you? Many of us today are generalists and we like many things. Some may say we are easily amused. But to me a passion is something that captures your attention and at the end of the task or project you feel energized and refreshed.

Now it's Your Turn to Tell The Tale of Finding Your Passion!

As much as I love sharing the many nature tales I've encountered I would love to hear your tales now. Share your Tales of Finding Your Passion...

Sharleen from Norway describes her passion in loving to take nature photographs and write poems and stories to match them. She found great delight in sharing her experience with as she says, "A Hedgey Little Buddy", a very appropriate title for a hedgehog passion! Okay maybe she doesn't have a real passion for hedgehogs but she does appreciate how useful they can be.

Browse through this list of questions and pick the topic that best suits your passion. Maybe you just have a question you would like to ask? In that case go for the first topic and enter your question. It's easy and fun. Take a look at the Baby Bird Pictures and Stories that Stephanie and Michelle contributed from WV. Imagine what your friends will think when they know you have your very own page on Creations by Sally. So get ready and choose your passion!

What is Your Favorite Passion?

Don't see a topic that quite matches your tale? Maybe you just have a general story you would like to share about finding your passion? You can submit it right here.

There are many ways to tell your tale of passion. Do your remember the time my granddaughter, Jessica, found a fledgling dove on the ground? She learned a great lesson in survival in nature that summer and I tell the tale in Hawk Pictures, How a Photo Opportunity Becomes a Nature Lesson

What about the summer that I followed the cycle of nesting Barn Swallow from egg to first flight, not once but three times?

Have A Passion Story You Would Like to Share?

Do you have a great story about finding your passion? Share it!

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