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Flood Scenes Album
When Majestic Waters Reveal Their Power

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Flood scenes album reveals the true power behind those calm flowing waters we take for granted. These scenes are not violent but they certainly expand your view of our world.

There is nothing like a heavy rain and wet season to get our attention.  

From our quiet suburban neighborhood we headed out to enjoy our favorite riverwalk.  We were surprised when we heard on the radio that roads to Naperville, IL were closed due to flooding.

It would be a couple of days before access was open again to the public.  

Once we were able to gain access to the park again, the scenes before us were eye openers, for sure.  Our usual quiet walk along Naperville, river and downtown were nothing like we remembered.

Your Flood Scenes Album Adventure Begins Here...

The first thing we saw on our arrival to our favorite place to walk was playground equipment standing in water.

That was the Naperville river flowing out into the parking lot in many places.

You can see the bench where parents watch their children at play.  I wondered just how long it would before their laughter and screams of delight would be heard here again.

Today we got as far as the parking lot to see trees standing knee deep in water.

Somewhere under that debris and river water is a sloping field to the rivers edge.

The submerged sidewalk will be our path to the main sidewalk once the river lowers back into it's banks.

River Leaves It's Banks And Encroaches On Parking Lot in this flood scenes album picture.

Slides and jungle gyms won't see action for a while.

You can see the apparent change in water color as the river moves into the parking lot.

That handicap sign is usually a designated handicap parking space.

We parked near the middle of the parking lot and walked to the edge to get a few shots of the flood scenes before us.

After a few days, the park was slowly opened to downtown Naperville.  

The water had moved to some semblance of a raging river at this point.  This picture is the covered bridge that crosses that usually calm river.

Notice how the river is slapping up against the bridge?  It would be a day or two before we could use them safely.

These pictures were taken on Sept 14, 2008.   As you can see these flood scenes album pictures are based on one surprising rain fall.  It was one day in our lives and really didn't affect us much.

Perhaps you have a story you would like to share about a flood that affected you in some small or large way.  It's easy to share.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click n the Share your story text area.  You'll find full instructions as you go along.  

Flood Takes Out Some Trees From The Banks Edge

This tree laying across the river is just one of several trees that lost their root base.

The banks of the Naperville River will never be the same again.

And there will be a lot of work getting everything ready for local as well as visiting residents.

Covered Bridge And Trees Pay The Price Of Record Rainfall

These trees will soon be victims of the flood.  

This picture is just the other side of the last picture.

Don't the trees look as if they are bowing to the mighty river at their roots?

Some Trees Stood Tall While Naperville River Dances Past Them

This tree is standing in the middle of what is usually dry land.

Naperville had one really wide river that flowed with forces you could see.  

It almost looked as if the trees were doing a little white water rafting all on their own.

Covered Bridge In A Second Flood

It would seem that once that river left it's banks it was hungry for more.

This is a picture taken in March of 2009.  That's six months after the last flood.

This time we went into downtown.  The street lights line the walkway that runs beneath the water.

In another section of my site you can see where a snake had it's head popped up out of the middle of this river.  

Usually it looks more like a small canal that runs through the city.

Flood Waters Move Through The Lowest Places Blocking Sidewalk On Either Side

Notice next to the bridge there are stairs leading up to the upper walk?

We're standing on the steps of another raised area, unable to walk the path we usually take.

I have pictures of daffodils growing along the edge of the normal levels of this river.

And Every year there are Pink day lilies lining the path.  

Don't worry, the nice thing about floods is the water does recede and things get cleaned up and back to normal.

At least until the next time.

This flood scenes album covered a lot of ground in a small space of time.  

And though this album is a small sample of what was revealed to us, it says a lot in vivid color.  

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