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Flower Garden Pictures Can Get Your Garden Design Ideas Flowing

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Be inspired by these flower garden pictures and tips for turning your yard, porch, walkway or window into your ideal garden design.  You'll walk away with a plan that will have you your summer garden off to a great start.

If you want beautiful pictures of flower gardens, you have to start with a beautiful flower garden.  A walk down any neighborhood from early spring to mid fall will reward you with a colorful show.

Flower gardens are as diverse as their creators. They can be found in the middle of downtown shopping areas or on your neighbor's balcony.

Flower gardens often reflect the true nature of their designer.  They also reflect the nature of the area they are placed in.  After all, you wouldn't want to try growing a water loving willow tree in the desert, would you?

Your first photo opportunity will be late march or early April as beautiful daffodils rise from their winter nap.  Next tulips of every shade begin their parade of color.

As summer skips around the corner you'll see many different blooming flowers.  The Iris happens to be one of my favorites.

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Flower Garden Pictures Share a Variety of
Shapes, Sizes and Colors For Every Gardener's Taste

Early spring is a great time for taking flower garden pictures.

Every year, it is the daffodils that announce spring is here, Spring is Here!

The weather may not always cooperate.  Sometimes we must endure a week or two of dreary weather.

But in our hearts we know, better weather is near.

I can remember being in High School and dreaming of one day visiting Holland.

The next best thing to being there are the tulips in my garden.

I love the waxy look of tulips.  They are the one flower that looks almost fake.

If you like these flowers too, click here to see more tulip pictures...

This little circle of Iris's would not technically be called a garden.

But then there may be other plants growing there and just waiting their turn.

I said earlier that this flower is one of my favorites.  They are easy to grow and practically take care of themselves.

If you agree, you might visit my iris pictures here...

Summer Time Is Best Time For Flower Garden Pictures

Feel the energy of love and abundance as you dance through these flower gardens.

Every one tells a story all by itself.

You can approach this journey in the way that feels best to you.

When you design your flower garden you are sharing with the world a little of your heart and soul.  

Well not literally but a garden tells what the gardener prefers don't you think?

This picture is a fine example.   This gardener likes an easy to care for garden.  No worry about pesky weeds climbing in.  And with this kind of retainer wall it makes for easy trimming of the yard.  

I saw this garden planted in another condo neighbor's home.

I'm not sure which caught my eye first.  There is the beauty of those lovely flowers.

And in the background there sits a lovely bench.

Can you hear it's whispering voice as it sings.  Come, sit for a bit...

Many people view their garden as the most sacred space in their lives.  

I know that when I am in my garden all the world disappears.  

And all the stresses of the day fades into these beautiful sacred of all places.

I know from our talks together that my friend views her garden the same way.

Even in the limited space of Condo life you will never be short of vivid imagination.

I love the brilliant purple flowers in gray pots.  

Zen teachings often recommend spending time in your garden to get back in touch with your true spirit.  Sometimes you may even enjoy the company of a garden fairy or two.

There are times when your walks may just reveal some very interesting gardens.  My sister, Dodie, was walking in her neighborhood one day when she spotted several gardens.  Each one had it's own expression of inspiration.  

She wrote me to say, "I saw these gardens today, and I thought of you."  Read Dodie's Flower Garden Story here...

If you get the chance to take a picture, why not share it here?  I love hearing your stories and sharing your photos.  Don't worry if you feel you can't write a complete story, I'll add what I can.  I do appreciate it when you tell me how you feel and where you took your pictures.

Tell as much as you can and I'll take care of spelling and correct placement.  You can load up to 4 photos in your post.  If you have more, I can help you with that as well.  

You can pose your question inside your post or drop me a line in my easy to use contact form...  I look forward to hearing from you.

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