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This flower pictures album portion of our free photo gallery is a portal to several albums. You will be able to navigate through your favorite flowers with ease.

Each individual album of flowers can be accessed by clicking on the strip or thumbnails throughout the page.  Unlike the other pages, these images don't pop up on your screen but take you to the specific page about that group of flowers.

I've placed captions by type of flower under each thumbnail strip so you will know the name of the album page you are accessing.

Take your time and enjoy this walk through Creations by Sally Photo Gallery.

Each heading above the thumbnail strips below is the title of the page you will be entering.   You'll also find interesting notes about the flowers themselves under the images. I've tried not to clutter these pages with too many words because I know you are coming here for the pictures.  Enjoy!

Feel free to download these flower pictures for your personal use.  For complete download instructions click here.  Please read the  gallery terms of use here, for ways you may use all images on

Flower Pictures Album Section Begins With Flower Bushes Album

A walk in any park will reveal a variety of bushes.  Some of these bushes have the most beautiful flowers all gathered in one place.

Nature has a way of pulling things together like that. On this page you will find a variety of these flowering bushes just for your enjoyment.

A few of your choices may be wild blackberries, pink trumpet flowers found in a grocery store parking lot. You can also see this beautiful pink Adeniaum bush.  Choose your favorites and enjoy.

Flower Garden Pictures

Early spring the first of flower garden pictures is sure to include tulips.  They look like wax flowers in their perfection.

But don't stop at the tulips.  With over 30 images to choose from, you are sure to find the one that will lighten your day.

Exotic Flowers Album

Exotic Flowers are fun for young and old alike. The images in this album are some of my favorite unique flowers.

They include flowers that started their life in foreign lands.  Some may have come over on the Mayflower.  Others were brought here just to see if they would thrive.

No matter why or how they came to be in the United States, they are here for your viewing pleasure.

Container Flowers Album

With changes in the way we live container flowers are growing in popularity.  I'm not talking about your typical everyday house plant.

Flowers grown in boxes, barrels, cans and all types of containers can be seen everywhere.  And there seems to be no end to what type of plant you can grow in containers.

Container gardening happens to be one of my favorite ways to garden.  Whether you like container gardening or simply love flowers, you're sure to enjoy your walk through these pictures.

Daisy Pictures

Daisies are fun flowers to take pictures of.  I am always reminded of the little rhyme that goes something like this.  "He loves me, he loves me not."  As we pick the petals off each flower.

Now I prefer picking my daisies with my canon digital camera.  They last much longer that way.  And they make an excellent addition to this flower pictures album.

Enjoy Peonies, Sunflowers And Flower Bed Pictures

Some flowers fit nicely in beds made just for them.  Each one tells a special story, don't you think?  My neighbor in Illinois had the loveliest flower beds all around her living area.

They brought the whole neighborhood joy and pleasure.  But they are just a few of the treasures on this page.  Click the picture to see for yourself.

Did you know that the peony flower is encased in a hard covering that is tasteful to ants?  It is this match of nature that sets these awesome flowers free when it's time for them to bloom.  

Read more about these regal flowers by clicking on the picture.  In case you didn't know it, these flowers need those ants to eat away the coating to reveal this shining star.

Sunflowers are more than just a pretty face.  For those of you that love to eat sunflower seeds you know what I'm talking about.  

Sunflower seeds are very nutritional and easy to harvest.  Not only that, but they make awesome food for all you bird lovers too.

Autumn Flowers Album

There are just so many ways that make fall a favorite time of year.  So it isn't surprising that flowers can be added to the list.  There are as many blooms to fill flower pictures album for this season as there are spring and summer.  Come see for yourself.

Spring Flowers Album

But I think spring is a favorite time for flower pictures album treasures.  This is the season that wakes us up from our winter nap.  After months of bundling up from winter cold, we get a breath of fresh air and joy to our eyes.  Come see what I mean...

Summer Flowers Album

Oh those lazy days of summer.  Come enjoy the huge variety of summer flowers I've picked just for you.

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Join the fun of telling about your own exciting discoveries. Or simply share what you know about the photos you find here. Make comments on your favorite photos. Even correct me when you know I've mislabeled something.

Perhaps you have a story about field lilies in my garden like Vera from Oregon. And there is Tom also from Oregon who let me know my Chicory page was outdated with his Blue Sailors Travel West story.

So feel free to let me know what you think, but please be nice. Share your gallery photos here...

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